How to Steam Chicken

After you have discovered just how delicious your steamed ground beef wontons are, you might like to try steaming something else. Learn how to steam chicken and discover a brand new way of making it. After all, your steamer is a very handy piece of apparatus. So how about steaming a chicken? This is very healthy since you don’t need to add fat, and the water (the steam) keeps the meat moist and juicy.

Cook small birds, like the Cornish hen, whole or larger ones in pieces, maybe just the breast or even quarters if you have a larger steamer. If you do not have an electric steamer, you can use a bamboo steamer or metal rack above a pan of simmering water, or you can suspend the meat on a rack at the bottom of a tightly-covered pot.

If you are using a regular steamer, half-fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil adding spices or herbs (these will permeate the chicken). Put your chicken pieces in the steamer without overcrowding them. Make sure there is some space between each one so the steam can get in, circulate, and cook the chicken evenly. Cover the pot and let the chicken cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until done. That’s how easy it is to learn how to steam chicken.

If you prefer to put the chicken on a rack at the bottom of a pot, then bring one inch of water to a boil and put the chicken in a heatproof cooking dish. Cover it tightly and put it on the rack. This should take about the same amount of time to cook, and you can eat the extra broth with chicken as soup or even add some chicken or beef wontons to it.

How to Steam Chicken: Steamed Chicken Tips

Add onion and carrots to the steaming water to add flavor to the chicken, or marinate the chicken pre-steaming. Don’t open the lid of the pot while steaming for the best results. Leave the steam to build up. If you lift the lid to peek, the steam will come out and the cooking time will be extended.

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