Cream Cheese Wonton Ideas and Chinese Dumplings and Soft Wontons

The most important part of your cabbage soup is, of course, the cabbage. You can get cabbage year-round and this vegetable weighs between one and seven pounds. Choose a cabbage with a big, compact head, and tender green leaves which do not show insect damage or holes. Fresh cabbage has plenty of outer leaves and greengrocers peel these off as the cabbage ages. Consider cream cheese wonton ideas. Cream cheese goes with cabbage really well (and seafood too!)

Check the bottom of the cabbage before buying it, to check the leaves are not coming off the stem. If they are, that means the cabbage is old. Savoy cabbages are lighter for their size than other types, since the leaves are looser. You might even like to grow your own cabbage; they are not hard to grow.

How to Freeze Cabbage

If you have too much cabbage to use immediately, you may freeze it. Cut the cabbage into coarse shreds and blanch for a couple of minutes in boiling water. Drain it and chill it, then freeze it for up to a year in airtight containers. It can be thawed and cooked.

Do not use thawed cabbage to make coleslaw or any kind of salad – the texture is no good for that. It is perfect for cabbage soup recipes in this state, although many cabbage soups will freeze, so check your recipe first. You might prefer to make and freeze the soup, not just the cabbage.

Cream Cheese Wonton Ideas: Chinese Dumplings and Soft Wontons

chinese-girl-making-wontonsDumplings in China can be boiled, steamed or pan-fried, crescent-shaped or round, and they may be filled with savory or sweet ingredients. Chinese dumplings are a dim sum favorite. Known as jiaozi in China and gyoza in Japan, these crescent-shaped dumplings are filled with meat or vegetables and the flour and dough exterior is thicker than a wonton wrapper. These can be boiled or pan-fried. Gow gee is the Cantonese equivalent of jiaozi and these are deep-fried or steamed instead of being boiled. You can use wonton wrappers in most gow gee recipes. We might be considering cream cheese wonton ideas now but traditional Chinese wontons wouldn’t include cream cheese. Asian recipes don’t use much (if any) dairy at all!

Potstickers, also known as Peking ravioli or guotie, are pan-fried and then steamed. These dumplings are flipped before serving so the browned side faces upwards. Har gow, or har gau, are shrimp and bamboo shoot-filled snacks. The dough for these is shiny and smooth because it’s made with wheat starch. You won’t get the thin, nearly translucent skin if you use wonton wrappers. Shanghai steamed buns are seafood or meat-stuffed dumplings. Tasty and juicy, they are recognizable because the wrapper is gathered into folds before they are steamed.

Siu mai are mild-flavored steamed dumplings made in a basket or cup shape with the filling sticking out of the top. The dumplings are traditionally filled with pork, although you can also get prawn or shrimp varieties. These soft, puffy snacks can be made with round wrappers (jiaozi wrappers) or wonton wrappers cut into rounds. Although many people refer to these dumplings or dim sum as soft wontons, it is interesting to learn that each has its own name, although you can use wonton skins to make some of them. Knowing some cream cheese wonton ideas means you can come up with your own delicious wontons, or else you can make the traditional kind – it’s up to you!

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