Five Reasons to Make Your Own Easy Wonton Recipe

Wontons are both economical and easy to make yourself. You can of course buy readymade wontons or wonton soup, or you can buy it from a Chinese restaurant, but when you do you are cheating yourself. Nothing is as yummy as your homemade wontons. Everyone can rustle up an easy wonton recipe, regardless of cooking ability and experience or lack thereof. The top five reasons to make your own easy wonton recipe, using a time-honored wonton recipe are as follows:

1) Wonton recipes are easy, there is no doubt about it. If you use a single ingredient (applesauce or cream cheese, for example) for the filling, plus readymade wonton wrappers, you will only need two ingredients to make homemade wontons. How many other recipes can claim that?

2) Wontons purchased from a grocery store or Chinese restaurant are many times more expensive than homemade ones. Why spend more money on something which will not taste as good as your homemade wontons?

3) There are lots of different wonton recipes you can experiment with, including classic favorites like simple wonton soup or crispy crab rangoon wontons, as well as unusual ones like vegan wontons or chocolate banana wontons. You would not be able to buy those varieties anyway so make your own easy wonton recipe and enjoy the fresh results.

4) Homemade wontons are healthier than the ones they make in the Chinese restaurant. What else have they been frying in the oil before adding your wontons to it? How fresh are the ingredients used and how much sugar are they adding, even to the savory wontons? When making your own you know exactly what goes into them.

5) Make your wontons your way, by picking out a good wonton recipe and following it. There are easy wonton recipe options for everyone. You can then adapt the recipe. Perhaps you wish to make a ground chicken wonton recipe but you only have ground turkey, or maybe you wish to add a pinch of chili powder to your pork wontons to spice them up. Making your own means you can do whatever you like to make wontons with a flavor you will fall instantly in love with.

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