All About Vaginal Yeast Infections

A yeast infection that affects the vaginal area is commonly referred to as candidiasis as the infection is caused by the fungus Candida. This fungus is present throughout your body at all times. However, in the perfect environment, it can grow rapidly. In areas, which are moist and warm the fungus will thrive and becomes an issue.

If you think that you are suffering with this form of yeast infection, there are several symptoms which are obvious. Vaginal yeast infections can be diagnosed by the symptoms or the fact you get them often (although not everyone does).

You can either experience all of the symptoms or just a few, everyone is different, and some women have extreme symptoms. You may not want to visit the doctor with this sensitive problem. This is why being aware of the different symptoms of vaginal yeast infections is essential.

Unusual Sensations Down Below

You will know your body better than anyone else so you can often tell when something isn’t quite right. If you are experiencing itching in any form, you may be suffering with vaginal yeast infections. The itching may be inside or around the area of your vagina and may come and go throughout the day.

Some women suffer with extreme itching with their vaginal yeast infections, which can cause them to be unable to walk or carry out day to day tasks. You may also find that the itching is accompanied with a burning sensation when you urinate. This can also be both mild and extreme, and can get worse as the infection spreads through your vagina.

Determining the Cause of the Burning

Yeastrol BannerYou need to be aware that there may be other reasons behind the burning sensation that you are experiencing when urinating. It isn’t necessarily vaginal yeast infections to blame.

This means being able to distinguish between the different forms of burning will ensure that you correctly diagnose the problem. You need to ensure that the sensation you are experiencing is caused from a yeast infection, and not a urinary tract infection.

A reliable way to determine the infection you have is to determine when the burning sensation occurs. If the pain you are experiencing happens when the urine reaches outside your vagina, you are likely to be experiencing a vaginal yeast infection. Urinary tract infections will cause pain to happen as the urine passes through the tract.

Redness can be a Clear Sign of Vaginal Yeast Infections

Another symptom that you may be suffering with when you have vaginal yeast infections is an extremely red vulva and vagina. The irritation that you are experiencing will make this area incredibly sore, which will cause the redness; you will find that after sexual intercourse the area is inflamed and will appear far more irritated.

Noticing a Nasty Discharge

When you have a vaginal yeast infection one of the clear signs that there is an issue is the thick, white discharge that you will produce. This is often resembled cottage cheese, and can be odorless, but extremely thick. However, you may not get any discharge and only suffer with the other symptoms which can be uncomfortable.

Other Forms of Yeast Infection

Alongside a vaginal yeast infection, you may also suffer with oral thrush, which can be painful, and harder to treat. You may be experiencing white patches in your mouth and a thick white coating on your tongue. Another form of yeast infection can be found in the diaper area of babies, and in your folds of skin. Men can also suffer with yeast infections, which can irritate the penis, foreskin and genital area.

Treatment for Vaginal Yeast Infections

Treating a yeast infections is straightforward, and there are plenty of different options that you can choose. Whether you want over the counter creams and pills, or natural alternatives, you will find that there is something for everyone. Diagnosing the yeast infection as soon as possible will help to ensure that the symptoms do not get worse, so that you can return to normal.

First you must understand why you got it in the first place. Learning the best way to treat a yeast infection will ensure that you are not suffering for too long with the uncomfortable symptoms. It is important to understand what causes the infection, and why you may be suffering more than other people. Three out of four women will suffer with some form of infection during their lifetime, as yeast infections are more common than you may think.

Throughout your body, yeast is present at all times although, when provided with the perfect environment, this yeast will multiply rapidly. This means prevention is always better than cure, and learning to stop the yeast before it becomes a problem is essential. Drying yourself after bath or swimming, and eating the correct diet can help to prevent infection.

Choosing Your Treatment for Vaginal Yeast Infections

Some people are simply more prone to yeast infections than others, and you may find that even with preventative measures, you still have the infection. You will want to find a treatment that is affordable, easy, and effective. Some people prefer medications that the doctor provides and others like natural treatments.

Over the Counter vs. Prescription Drugs for Vaginal Yeast Infections

You need to consider how severe the infection is, and how much you want to spend on the treatment. Over the counter creams can be effective but they can be messy, and will often not remove the infection completely. This form of treatment can also be expensive, especially if you need to repeat the treatment several times.

The over the counter drugs will provide you with instant relief, although they can come with side effects and some woman find they cannot use them alongside other medications.

Effective Home Remedies for Vaginal Yeast Infections

There are several different home remedies available for you to try, and some you will find to be highly effective. Natural yogurt can be both eaten and applied, which will sooth the infected area, and stop itching and discomfort. If you are concerned about the mess, you can place the yogurt on a tampon and insert internally.

Tea tree oil is another effective home remedy that will soothe the infected area, and can be applied discreetly two or three times a day. Once you have cleared up the problem, you need to look at why you are suffering with yeast infections and try to prevent them in the future.

What Caused My Thrush?

Yeastrol BannerYeast infections, or thrush as they are also known, are far more common than you might initially think, and there is a huge array of different causes for this problem.

The term ‘yeast infection’ will often describe an over-production of fungus throughout your body.

This will lead to you suffering with discomfort, and often a white, thick discharge. Understanding what causes thrush in your body is the first step to ensuring that you can find a treatment that works for you.

Fungus is present in every human body; however, if provided with the perfect conditions it can grow out of control. Once this happens you will notice the symptoms, and need to find a treatment for vaginal yeast infections so you can get well again.

The organisms which breed throughout your body thrive in warm, moist conditions, so taking this away from the yeast will stop the over-production. If you do not dry yourself properly after swimming or bathing, you will be providing the perfect place for the yeast to spread. A poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle will also cause your immune system to be weaker, which will allow the yeast to take over.

Vaginal yeast infections are the most common form of this problem, and this is often caused by a breakdown of the bacteria which is present in this area. This bacteria help to control the growth of yeast, and without it, the yeast will simply multiply and cause itching, redness, and pain.

Should You Take Antibiotics?

Many people find that overusing antibiotics may also cause vaginal yeast infections, as they destroy both good and bad bacteria. Internal disturbances may also be a cause for concern. The human immune system is fantastic, and when this begins to weaken you might find that yeast infections are common.

Breakages and cuts to your skin may allow fungus to penetrate and spread throughout your body. Hormonal imbalances will also be a main cause of thrush, and the external use of irritants such as detergents will not help.

Oral contraceptives, pregnancy and diabetes are also known to be causes of yeast infections. Hormone replacement therapies, infertility treatments, and other processes where your hormones are affected can encourage the yeast to grow and spread rapidly.

Anyone with a weakened immune system will find that vaginal yeast infections are more likely to occur. Therefore, you need to be aware of what causes thrush, and never be surprised if you contract some form of infection in your lifetime.

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