Vintage 1970s Kitchen Ideas and Accessories

vintage-1970s-bakeware1970s kitchen ideas are considered to be retro, and many people are choosing this style for their kitchens today.

Retro is a style that can be difficult to determine; however, many designers consider the 1960s and 1970s to be the perfect retro era.

Introducing Retro Vintage Kitchen Style

Kitchens are the perfect place to use retro items, and you can enhance the room wonderfully using fewer accessories than you might think you need. It is not hard to find such pieces either, even though the seventies were 40 years ago. You can also get reproduction pieces in the iconic 70s design rather than vintage ones, depending what you prefer. Pick out various 1970s kitchen ideas and give your kitchen a really authentic retro look.

You can go as crazy and kitsch with 1970s kitchen ideas as you wish or just choose a select few pieces to complement your 1970s kitchen decor. You might not necessarily want the hallucinogenic patterned walls or clashing color scheme painted on every appliance, but a few well-chosen 1970s pieces can bring a charming touch of this era-gone-by and add a gorgeous look to your kitchen.

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1970s-vintage-percolator1970s Appliances to Create Your Retro Kitchen

Regardless of the size or style of your kitchen, if you use 1970s accessories, you will create an exciting and interesting space. There are various accessories which are perfect to enhance your room, and ensure that you create the ultimate 1970s kitchen. Consider which 1970s kitchen ideas appeal the most.

Often the accessory will have the same features but the shape, style and design of the item can be very different to give it an authentic look and feel.

So the internal technology may have improved on these items but you will discover that they look the same as the original items, which is ideal.

Accessories you can find easily in the 1970 style include blenders, mixers and toasters. All these typically have dials, knobs and levers rather than digital displays for an authentic look.

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vintage-tupperware-mugsChoose Authentic Colors and Styles

The colors used throughout the 1970s were bold and vibrant, ensuring that regardless of the size of the kitchen this room would stand out from other rooms in the house. There are lots of 1970s kitchen ideas you can implement to add a bold, vibrant and authentic seventies look.

Colored patterns and vivid dot designs were seen on walls, fabrics and accessories. Some people had their whole kitchen (or even every room in their house) decorated in these eye-watering psychedelic styles, while others would go for accents rather than doing this. Many of the appliances throughout the 1970s were avocado green, which is not the most attractive color in many people’s opinion, but if used in moderation, you can create the ideal kitchen style which is both authentic and tasteful.

Consider typical fall colors like sage green, brown and orange, as well as yellow, for true seventies appeal in the kitchen and, if you are old enough, bring back those warm memories of an age gone by by remembering when you had such items the first time around.

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Whimsical Themes throughout the owl-decalsKitchen

Unique themes and somewhat odd patterns were often seen in kitchens throughout this era, and you would typically see mushrooms, owls and small forest creatures. Consider these 1970s kitchen ideas to introduce a really authentic touch.

These would blend in with the dark wood and natural colors of the wallpaper and paint effects. You could try painting fruit, flowers and grapevines in your kitchen perhaps, if you are artistically inclined, to create the ultimate 1970s style kitchen.

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Take a Look at this 1970s Kitchen Video for Ideas

More 1970s Kitchen Ideas for Your Vintage Kitchen

Pictures made of grains and pasta were popular to hang on the walls (and not just the kind the kids bring home from school!) and jars filled with beads and seeds were also seen a lot. Wall hangings made from fabric and macrame were popular and these items can be recreated at very little expense if you are into 1970s home decor.

What this means is if you want to recreate such a look throughout your kitchen, you can achieve huge things on a very small budget, which is always welcome news.

Take your time and discover all the best 1970s pieces you can have in your kitchen, then decide which you love the most and which will look best in the space you have to work with, as well as what fits in with your budget. Whether you are shopping for 1970s furniture, 1970s decor, 1970s wallpaper, or kitchen accessories with 1970s patterns, you should be able to find the perfect things to add charm and appeal to your kitchen.

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