4 Budget Hotels in the South of Gran Canaria

There are plenty of great hotels to choose from in Gran Canaria’s sunny south, so if you are in the mood to soak up some sun in Playa del Ingles or Puerto Rico, consider the following budget hotels in Gran Canaria and see which you fancy.

Finding your own flights and booking a hotel separately, instead of booking a package, means you get more control over dates and times, as well as how you fly and where you stay. No wonder many people like to book their own flights and accommodation, so they can create the tailor-made holiday of their dreams.

Los Porches Bungalows Review

Los Porches is situated in the heart of Playa del Ingles and is in a prime location for the vibrant centers and the beach. The complex is large and has a number of different swimming pools ensuring that they never feel overcrowded. The bungalows are basic, but clean and have a small garden and terrace area. This is one of the more popular budget hotels in Gran Canaria.

Within Walking Distance

los porchesThese bungalows are less than 500 meters from the local beach, which also has many shops, bars and restaurants to keep you busy.

Across the road from Los Porches, you will find the busy Yumbo shopping center which is considered to be the gay community of the island.

If you venture slightly further afield, you will find several other centers all offering local and international food.

The Good Points

The location of this complex is perfect and it’s on the flat making it great to walk and explore the local area. There is a basic kitchen area which is good enough for snacks and breakfast, and a terrace to enjoy your food. You’ll find that you may have a pool to yourself, depending on the time of the year that you are booked for.

The Bad Points

Some of the bungalows are old and the furniture and kitchen area could do with an update. The cleaners tend to be a bit lax and there are areas that could do with some maintenance. The price does reflect what you get, but there is no excuse for rundown facilities. The people who run the bungalows are often not there which can be difficult if you have a problem. This is a budget option so if you don’t mind less-than-perfect cleaning and older style furniture, you can save money by staying in this hotel. One of the budget hotels in Gran Canaria you might like to consider?

Find out more about Los Porches here

puerto azulPuerto Azul Review

The Puerto Azul is in the family-friendly resort of Puerto Rico and is in a fantastic location overlooking the bay and beaches.

There are some brilliant facilities in this hotel, including two swimming pools, tennis courts, mini golf and huge terraces to enjoy the sun. The rooms are adequate and comfortable, and the food is enjoyable.

Within Walking Distance

lonely planet canary islandsThere are two main beaches that can both be reached easily, by foot, bus or taxi ensuring that you can explore with ease. This is one of the best budget hotels in Gran Canaria for that very reason. The location of the hotel places it in between the two shopping centers, providing you with a great choice of bars and restaurants. The livelier main center is at the bottom of the hill and can be reached easily by foot.

Good Points

The people who work in the hotel are friendly, and the bar and restaurant employees are always on hand to help. There is a children’s section to the pool which is great for safety, and to ensure that you can enjoy the adult pool without being splashed.

The supermarket on the site is brilliant for all of the essentials and is reasonably priced. The rooms are clean, and there is a regular towel change, which is important.

Lonely Planet Canary Islands Book, on Amazon

Bad Points

Some of the extras are expensive, and can begin to add up over the week – the TV package, washing machines and WiFi all cost extra. The hotel is quite difficult to navigate around, and there are not enough signs. There is no air conditioning, which in the summer months can prove a problem for sleeping. Getting to the hotel from the beaches is a long walk – all 700 steps can take a long time, and can become a chore so you will need to spend a few euros on a taxi to get to and from the beach. If that doesn’t bother you, this might be one of the best budget hotels in Gran Canaria to suit your needs.

Find out more about Puerto Azul here

Sunsuites Review

The Sunsuites are a stone’s throw from the shops, bars and restaurants in Puerto Rico and are perfect as a base for your holiday. You’ll be a brisk walk away from the local beach, and a short taxi journey to the beautiful Amadores beach. The complex is clean and modern with spacious apartments offering great amenities. The kitchen has everything you need including a coffee machine, juice maker and complimentary washing-up liquid.

sun-suitesIn the Surrounding Area

The shopping center is a short walk away from the complex and is ideal for evening entertainment.

There are several supermarkets and shops ensuring that you can find all the essentials and holiday gifts that you need. The beach is only 800 meters from the complex and is a pleasant stroll on the flat making it perfect with small children and pushchairs.

Good Points

The Sunsuites offer incredibly clean apartments, with a daily maid service that provide fresh, clean towels every day. The location is ideal if you like to be close to the bars and restaurants, and the complex facilities are basic but adequate for everyone. The people who work in the Sunsuites are very helpful and available 24 hours a day – a good bonus to consider when planning which of the budget hotels in Gran Canaria is best for your requirements.

Bad Points

The noise can be an issue and in the summer months the commercial center can create a lot of noise until the early hours so you need to know this if you like to be in bed early instead of out partying most of the night, or if you’re a light sleeper. There are no baths in the rooms, which is a problem with smaller children needing to wash the sand off. You have to pay extra for air conditioning. The entertainment isn’t that great and does become repetitive if you are staying for longer than a week.

Find out more about SunSuites here

Walkirias Review

Walkirias is situated in the heart of the bustling resort of Playa del Ingles and offers an excellent location from which you can explore. You’ll be near the beach, shops, bars and restaurants, ensuring you do not miss anything. The apartments are spacious and have everything that you need for your stay. The rooms have a TV, telephone, separate bedroom, fully-equipped kitchen and large balcony.

Near the Complex

walkiriasWhere the Walkirias is located you are close to everything, which is perfect if you enjoy getting out and about exploring. The Yumbo, which is largest and most popular center, is very close by and offers a vast array of different venues. Outside of the centers you will find many bars and restaurants offering local cuisine at affordable prices.

Good Points

The location is just perfect and will ensure that you are close to all of the action regardless of what you are searching for whilst on holiday. There is a 24 hour reception in the complex, so if you have any issues they are dealt with quickly. The heated pool with hydro-massage is lovely for the lazy days staying in the complex.

Bad Points

The complex can be noisy during peak times due to the location although closing the windows will help with the noise. The beds and bedding are very cheap, and not the most comfortable. The pool bar tends to open infrequently, which can be a problem if staying around the pool. The mini golf course needs updating, painting and maintaining as it is very run down, and also some of the areas around the complex need attention.

Find out more about Las Walkirias here

Recommended Day Trip – El Pajar Beach

Wherever you are staying in the South of Gran Canaria – Playa del Ingles, Mogan, Puerto Rico or elsewhere, it is worth exploring the area and seeing some local color. El Pajar is a small Canarian village situated just outside Arguineguin and offers a relaxing pace of life. It is lovely and well worth a visit. With the money you save by choosing one of the best budget hotels in Gran Canaria you can enjoy lunch and dinner out at El Pajar and have a great day, perhaps get some souvenirs as well.

This small area has many residents who all enjoy the quiet beach, bars and restaurants. El Pajar can be easily accessed, although during fiestas and at the weekend you may struggle to park.

What is There to Do?

The beach front dominates this area and this is where you will find all of the locals, although very few tourists. The beach is considered to be one of the few remaining natural beaches on the island. There are very few facilities and amenities along the beach but is ideal for sunbathing and swimming.

There are kayaks to hire for 10 euros a day, which is very reasonable, and you are allowed to bring your own jet skis and inflatables. This beach is perfect for families and small children as it is flat and the tide is not strong.

Restaurant Bar Playa

There is one main restaurant along the beach in El Pajar, which is owned and run by a local family. Bar Playa has been in this location for many years and excels at fresh seafood and local dishes.

The tapas served in this restaurant are all excellent and surprisingly affordable, much more so than what you are charged in the touristy areas anyway.

The service and decor in Bar Playa are basic, and you should not expect too much from the experience. However, the food is fantastic and at weekends there are very few tables available.

Local Bar

Further down the beach there is a small bar that offers beer and soft drinks at a bargain price. You can also find snacks and ice creams in this bar, but it is more for drinks than food really.

There are a couple of tables at the bar, but if you ask they will provide plastic cups you can take to the beach. People visiting El Pajar beach pop back and forth to this bar throughout the day to top their glasses up and grab a snack.

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