A Guide to Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington is not the capital of Washington state, but it sure is worth a visit and a guide to Seattle, Washington is a handy thing to have. Many people think of Washington as a dreary, rainy place and being the birthplace of grunge music didn’t really help its image much. Seattle can be gloomy in the winter, but spring, summer, and fall are beautiful times to visit and see what the Emerald City has to offer.

Spring in Seattle is a fun time in this guide to Seattle, Washington, because everyone is starting to come out of hibernation. One of the great ways to do that is to go visit the Moisture Festival, which is a local comedy and variety show that runs for four weeks every spring. The festival is a wonderful way to kickstart the spring and summer festival rounds since its one of the first big events of the year.

If you’re in for a little drive another great spring event about an hour north of downtown Seattle is the Tulip Festival in La Conner. People come from all over to see the fields upon fields of tulips and take photos.

The Wonderful Waterfront

If you aren’t much for driving and want to see some natural sights right in the heart of Seattle you can take a stroll along the Seattle waterfront. There is a ferry terminal, an aquarium, and plenty of restaurants to grab a bite at on your way to do some sightseeing.

A unique way to sightsee in Seattle is to ride “The Duck” an amphibious tour vehicle that gives people a view of the city from both land and sea. Spring is a wonderful time to take advantage of a Duck Tour because the busy summer season can be a hard time to snag a tour spot.

Summer in Seattle

Summer in Seattle is a wonderful time to check out some of the more hidden favorites of locals and visitors alike. A great example of this would be the Fremont Troll located under an overpass in Seattle’s Fremont district. This weird, one eyed statue was created in 1990 and is still a favorite backdrop for photos to this day.

If you need a place to relax and get away from the crowds during the summertime, there is a rooftop garden in the 4th and Madison building downtown. It’s a nice spot to take a break between sights

seattle-city-guide-bookGuide to Seattle, Washington – More Things to Do

Relatively new to town is the Seattle Great Wheel. Located right on a pier with a sweeping view of Elliott Bay, this ferris wheel is a great way to take advantage of a cloudless summer sky and see one of Seattle’s beautiful sunsets. The wheel brings whimsy to the waterfront and is great for the summertime considering its an outdoor activity.

Another outdoor location to consider is Gasworks Park. The remnants of an old gas plant, Gasworks Park is an industrial wonderland right on the edge of Lake Union in Seattle’s Wallingford district. Walking around and looking at the old gas plant equipment is something everyone who visits Seattle should do. There are a couple small hills there too and if you walk to the top of them you get a nice view of the lake. Gasworks Park is also the site where many people gather for Seattle’s big Fourth of July Fireworks show.

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Seattle and Coffee

Last but not least is fall in Seattle. Fall is the best time to visit in my opinion because with the leaves changing and coffee shops on every corner Seattle becomes cozy and inviting. As the birthplace of Starbucks, the city takes coffee very seriously.

If you are not in a hurry the 1st and Pike Starbucks is located right downtown and is rumored to be the first Starbucks location. This is actually not true, but since the real first Starbucks doesn’t exist anymore the 1st and Pike location is a vintage inspired homage. It’s a very popular location since it’s directly across the street from Pike Place Market, but if you’re willing to brave the lines it is a neat experience.

seattle-seahawks-sweater-saleSports in Seattle

No guide to Seattle, Washington, would be complete without mentioning sport of course. Fall also means football and Seattle fans are another breed.

The 12s as they’re called take over the town most weekends and you can’t go anywhere without seeing a sea of blue and green shirts and other gear.

If you aren’t a sports fan, but love nature the salmon spawn in the fall and there are plenty of waterways to visit to see this happen.

Cedar River is a great location to watch the salmon and there is plenty of hiking in the area as well so you can make a day or weekend trip of it.

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Pike Place Market

You can’t talk about Seattle without talking about Pike Place Market. Any guide to Seattle, Washington worth its salt will explain a little about this market. Pike Place is a bustling and beautiful market where you can buy flowers, food, and trinkets made by local artists.

One of the main attractions at Pike Place is the seafood market where employees can be seen throwing fish to entertain both tourists and locals.

While near the market there a couple neat sights to see. The gum wall is an odd attraction in an alley near the market and each day people flock there to take pictures and stick a piece of their own chewing gum to the wall.

Delicious Dining Options

That same alley is also home to The Pink Door. The Pink Door is an Italian restaurant that doesn’t just serve you food. They also serve a show with dinner and each night. It’s not uncommon to see a burlesque show, hear opera, or share space with a trapeze artist at this restaurant.

If you’re looking for more casual dining don’t look any further than Dick’s Drive In. There are several locations throughout the city and each resembles a vintage burger joint. Serving burgers, fries, and shakes are what Dick’s does and they do it well.

Another plus about Dick’s is that they are open late. Since they don’t close until 2 in the morning many people choose a Dick’s burger as an after concert meal on a Saturday night.

Seattle has a little bit of something for everybody, whether you like burgers and burlesque or just want to check out the scenery in a new place there is an activity or sight for you.


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