Crab Rangoon Wontons Made with Gyoza Wrappers

I had a problem a couple days back. I was in the mood for crispy wontons and having recently bought a deep fat fryer and knowing I had some wonton skins in the freezer, I didn’t think anything could go wrong. However, the wonton wrappers were broken! I still fancied some crab rangoon wontons though. Can you use gyoza wrappers for wontons, I wondered. Would crab rangoon wontons made with gyoza wrappers actually work? Only one way to find out!

Making Wontons with Gyoza Skins

Gyoza wrappers are round not square and they are thicker than wonton wrappers. When I make gyoza I usually steam them or make potstickers so I was not sure how they would deep fry and couldn’t find any info online, so I thought what the heck, I will give it a go!

To cut a long story short, the crab rangoon wontons made with gyoza wrappers were really good and my husband and I both really enjoyed them.

Different Shaped Wontons

Yes the gyoza wrapper is round so you will end up with half-moon shaped wontons, but who cares when they taste this good? These are very quick to prepare and they deep-fry to perfection in just a couple of  minutes. You could probably bake your crab rangoon wontons made with gyoza wrappers too, if you wanted to cut down on the fat, but sometimes deep-frying is unbeatable!

If you are working with a lot of wontons at once, keep the wonton wrappers under a sheet of moist kitchen paper to keep them soft. Else they will dry out and crack when you try to shape them.

If I’m just making a few, like 10 or so, I will lay them out and prepare them all at once. I’ve made them quite a few times now (as you might know if you have seen my other wonton recipes on here) so yes, I can do them pretty quickly.

Crab Rangoon Wontons Made with Gyoza Wrappers
Gyoza wrappers make a reliable substitution if you do not have wonton wrappers. They are thicker but will crisp up just as well to hold your delicious filling safely inside.
Cuisine: Chinese
Recipe type: Appetizer
Serves: 5
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 20 wonton or gyoza wrappers
  • 8 oz (230g) cream cheese at room temperature
  • 2 oz (60g) crabmeat or 2 finely diced sticks of imitation crabmeat
  • 1 finely chopped green onion
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar (optional)
  • ⅛ teaspoon of salt
  • Few drops Worcestershire sauce and/or soy sauce (optional)
  • Oil, to deep-fry
  • Sweet chili dipping sauce, to serve
  1. Stir the cream cheese, crab, green onion, sugar (if using) and salt together to make the filling.
  2. Stir in some Worcestershire sauce and/or soy sauce too, if you want.
  3. Divide this filling between the wonton or gyoza wrappers.
  4. Wet your finger and run it along the outside of each wrapper, then seal the wrappers tightly by pinching them closed.
  5. Deep fry the wontons at 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) for a few minutes or until golden brown.
  6. Fry them in batches if your deep-fryer is small.
  7. Let the wontons sit for 10 minutes (they will be very, very hot inside) then serve with the chili sauce.
Feel free to alter the filling - sometimes I use half cream cheese and half finely chopped imitation crab, along with a minced green onion and a few drops of Worcestershire sauce as the filling.
If you have square wonton wrappers use those, else the round gyoza wrappers will work just fine.

Wonton Dipping Sauce Options

This dipping sauce is wonderful with either potstickers or wontons, or you might like to serve sweet chili sauce or another favorite dipping sauce with them instead. If you’re making crab rangoon wontons made with gyoza wrappers why not serve them with this?

The dipping sauce for wontons you serve is your choice, but with crab rangoon I usually go with chili sauce since the filling is creamy and non-spicy so it contrasts well I think.

Of course, you can make your own wonton dipping sauces but if you are going to the trouble of making your own wontons, and yes that can be fiddly, simply opening a bottle of dipping sauce rather than having to make that as well sounds like a good idea all of a sudden, and this one is especially tasty. It will complement your homemade wontons very nicely.

Trader Ming’s Gyoza Dipping Sauce






Gyoza Skins – 12 X 12 Oz. Case

Making gyoza skins yourself is not difficult, although it can be fiddly until you get the hang of it, but since gyoza skins online are so cheap and the flavor is pretty much identical to the homemade kind, it makes more sense to buy these skins, which you can use for steamed dumplings or potstickers, than to spend ages making your own.

These Dynasty Gyoza/Potsticker wrappers can be filled with any filling you like, and then they can be steamed or cooked in a pot, or even filled like wontons and deep-fried, for fantastic results. Use these to make crab rangoon wontons made with gyoza wrappers or try another gyoza recipe.

Gyoza Skins – 12 X 12 Oz. Case

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