Reliable Printers Under $100

Look at these cheap and reliable printers under $100. All of them are under $100 and some under $50. A low-cost one is a great investment and you can get discounted top brands which will last for a long time. Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Canon and Brother are just some of the names to look out for.

The most obvious reason to make an economical choice is that you will save money. Another good reason is that you can get just as good a one for $100 as you can for $200. Some are even cheaper than that.

What Do You Need

If you want an all-singing, all-dancing machine which will print photograph-quality shots, receive WiFi instructions so you can print from your car or use extra huge sheets of paper, then yes you might well consider going for a premium model but if you simply want to produce documents and the odd photo, why spend hundreds when you can easily look for devices under 100 dollars and find something which does the job perfectly? Find reliable printers under $100 and you’ll be glad you saved the money.

Many of us will need the machine once a week or less (those airline tickets, an email from your best friend to read later on, a recipe you stumble upon which you fancy making) so you aren’t going to need a top of the range machine. Spend $40 or $50 on one which will last for years and years.

Bargain Canon PIXMA iP2702

pixmaOne of the best reliable printers under $100, this one offers fantastic images because it uses the ChromaLife100 system and FINE technology. The black ink comes out crisp and sharp so your documents look great, and you get photo-fix software as well as webpage collation and more.

This machine even comes with photo paper so you can print out your favorite snaps. Smaller than a desktop machine, this one will give you really impressive results, especially when it comes to your photos, so if you fancy buying a quality Canon for under $40 have a closer look at this one because you will not be disappointed.

These devices are getting cheaper and cheaper, but don’t sacrifice quality for quantity – buy this one and enjoy both the cheap price and the great results. Gorgeous photo printing and clear black ink text printing. This cheap printer delivers everything a good printer should.

Canon PIXMA iP2702, on Amazon

Super Cheap HP Deskjet 1000

deskjetMade out of 30 percent recycled plastics, the HP Deskjet 1000 has very low power consumption. It gives you quick power up and immediate shut down, and will churn out 16 pages a minute in black or 12 in color, printing up to 4800 by 1200 optimized DPI.

You might not expect this machine to come with ink because it is so cheap but it does. You will get a black cartridge and a color one, and there is a function to check how much ink you have left. This is one of the most recommended and reliable printers under $100.

This device is lightweight compared to bulkier models and it’s an especially nice choice for a student or someone who doesn’t need to print a lot. Spend less than a hundred dollars and invest in the HP Deskjet 1000. The quality is great and the price is unbeatable. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a printer? Then don’t! Spend less. This basic color printer gives surprisingly speedy and good quality prints.

HP Deskjet 1000, on Amazon

Printing on a Budget

Do it in draft if it’s just something you’re going to read once. You will use half the ink but still produce something perfectly legible. Save your “premium quality” option for the beautiful photos or important documents. There is no need to have everything in extra-fine quality. Save your ink!

Preloved Printers

Most of the machines on eBay and similar auction sites have been ‘pre-loved’ but there’s nothing wrong with buying a second hand printer if it still works fine, especially if it comes with ink too.

Some are new and have never been used but others have been used a few times. Perhaps the seller has no more use for the device or maybe it was acting as a spare which was rarely used anyway. However, the fact you can get a cheap one which is brand new and comes with a warranty is perhaps more enticing.

Canon MX472 Wireless Office All-In-One Inkjet Printer

canonThis is an all-in-one printer which offers Air Print. You can send documents from your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone and have them print out, even if you are miles away.

The 30-sheet document feeder is fully integrated, and you can copy, scan and fax, as well as print. The 4800 x 1200 color DPI offers amazing resolution and quality. You can print a 6 x 4 inch photo in under a minute.

This is a very solid machine and it is easy to set up and use. Canon is a reputable brand, and one of the best-known manufacturers of printers.

This is not the smallest or lightest printer, but the features it offers and the bargain price means it is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Canon MX472 Printer, on Amazon

Desirable Printer Features to Look Out for

Desirable features are one of the largest factors that consumers consider before purchasing their new machine. Every home and workplace has some form of one and choosing the right one can be a challenge.

However, if you take into account several different aspects including the features, you will be able to make a decision about choosing between reliable printers under $100.

There are several different factors that can make your choice stand out from the rest, including the features, price, and reliability. You want to ensure that the one you choose is compatible with your current office equipment and that it can help you to save money.

Choosing the best machine for your needs will ensure that you save paper, ink and time when using it throughout the day.

You will need to look at the compatibility requirements of the device, and ensure that you can use it with your computer. Some of them are excellent and will work with every type of office equipment, and these are the ones to choose. Ones that only operate with certain computer systems can be an expensive choice, when you have to change everything.

Choosing a user friendly device is another factor that can make a desirable one feature. Many people struggle with technology, and having a complicated printer can be a nightmare. You do not want to spend hours attempting to understand how the thing works or what features are available. Many can be plugged in, loaded with ink, and operational within minutes.

Reliable ones are also essential, as people do not have the time to cope with a machine that breaks and needs maintenance often. You will need to ensure that you keep yours clear of ink blockages, and paper jams, which can shorten the lifespan of the machine. If you are unsure of how to maintain it, you may want to seek help from a pro.

How Much Ink It Uses

Minimal ink usage is another factor that can make desirable printer features and ensure that you do not have to continuously replace the ink. The less ink that is used the more cost effective the device will be, ensuring that you get the most from the one that you have chosen. Quality and clarity are two more features that will make your machine more desirable.

You want to be able to read clearly what you have printed, and not produce work or copies that are basic quality and illegible. Top quality devices will have more dots per inch, ensuring your printouts are excellent. Smudging can also be an issue, which can be resolved by purchasing a quality machine.

Regardless of the size of your business, or home, you will need to choose something that can be used on a daily basis. Some people take very little time choosing theirs, which can lead to a disaster in the future. You may find that it has very few features and ends up costing you a large amount of money.

You need to check the features on every one that you are considering purchasing, and make a decision once you have all the information. There are many different features to consider; therefore, you should never rush and purchase the first one that you see. Once you find the machine with the most desirable features, you can be assured that you will be happy with the purchase.

How to Refill an Ink Cartridge

A printer is one of the essential items which can be found in a huge a majority of offices and homes all over the world. However, the cost to buy new ink cartridges continues to escalate, which is causing people to search for alternatives. Running out of ink can happen a huge amount and finding a cheaper solution is paramount.

Filling your own ink cartridges may seem daunting; however, it is not as complicated as you may think. You will need to ensure that you take the time to select the correct ink refill kit for your printer and quality is essential. Cheaper refill kits may seem like a good idea but they can create a huge amount of mess, and make the process a nightmare.

Office supply stores will stock numerous different refill kits, which will allow you to make a decision on the brand. The packaging will identify the cartridges that the kit is suitable for, and what is included. Every kit will need to have a syringe to fill the cartridge, and the ink that you will use in the machine.

The first few times that you attempt to fill the cartridge it can be messy, although you will become more experienced with time. Preparing the area that you are using to refill the cartridge is essential, and will ensure that mess is kept to a minimum. Some people refill their ink over a sink, but a flat surface is more suitable.

You are advised to wear disposable gloves to guarantee that your hands are kept clean, and you do not end up covered in ink. All machines are different so the ink cartridges will need to be filled in different ways. This means you need to ensure that you read the instructions on the refill kit packaging carefully.

Now to Fill the Cartridge

With a steady hand, you will need to fill the syringe with black ink, and locate the tiny fill hole, which is positioned in the top of your cartridge. If you cannot see this hole clearly, you can feel it by gently rubbing your thumb over the area. You may need to wipe this area clean before you begin, making the process easier.

Once you have found the fill hole, you need to stick the syringe slowly in the hole, and gently press the plunger. This will allow the ink to drain into the cartridge and fill the cavity; there will be a point when the cartridge is full. When you have filled the ink cartridge, you need to remove the syringe, and wipe the top of the cartridge.

As soon as you have filled the cartridge it must be placed back in the machine to ensure that it does not leak, or dry out. If there is a color cartridge alongside the black, you will need to fill this as well in the same way. There will be three syringes, for the three colors that need to be filled which are yellow, magenta and cyan.

Taking your time is the key to filling the cartridges successfully, and ensuring that you create as little mess as possible. Once the cartridges are back in place, you will need to make a test page immediately to make sure the ink is flowing correctly. If you have taken your time, and filled the cartridges correctly, you will have a fully functional machine.

Top Brands

Top printer brands include Epson, Hewlett Packard, Canon and Brother. Choose a top brand for reliable printers under $100.

Printer Tips

Printers have become a vital piece of equipment in every home and office; therefore, understanding how to take care of them is essential. With poor maintenance and little care, your printer is likely to break in a short space of time. However, with basic care and attention, you can ensure that your printer continues to function to a high standard.

There are several things that you can do to ensure that your printer remains in good condition.

These include:

– Keeping your printer clean both inside and out
– When not in use cover the printer with a cloth or plastic cover to avoid excess dust entering the printer
– Turn the printer off both at the power button and the main switch
– Using the printer frequently will ensure that it is working correctly
– Use the maintenance mode on the printer, which will allow the printer to self check for issues
– Avoid cheap ink cartridge refills and cheap own-brand toners – only use original cartridges
– Use top quality paper which has been stored in the correct conditions
– Replace the ink as soon as it is needed, and do so with care

By following these tips to take care of your printer, you will ensure that your printer remains printing quality documents for many years.

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