Gorgeous Mystic Topaz Rings

Also known as rainbow topaz, mystic topaz is a semi-precious gemstone. It has a high hardness and refractive index as well as not being sensitive to chemicals. This means it is a good stone to make jewelry and will last for many years. Invest in mystic topaz rings and you’ll have something you want to wear all the time.

What is Mystical About It?

Mystic topaz is colorless topaz which has been enhanced with a hi-tech process to give a rainbow effect. The better the original stone used, the better the end result will be, and this means the quality, polish and cut. So if you start with a high quality colorless stone you will end up with a high quality mystic topaz.

Where Topaz Comes From

The word topaz is thought to come from Topazos which is an island in the Red Sea called Zabargad today. This is where peridot (another semi-precious stone) comes from. Were you born in November? If so, this is your birthstone. If not, it is still a beautiful choice. Featuring all the colors of the rainbow in one stone, shows as kaleidoscopic designs, this lovely crystal is so eye-catching – no wonder everyone finds mystic topaz rings so exciting.

Taking Care of Mystic Topaz Rings

large-mystic-topaz-ringAlthough this semi-precious stone is very hard it can be split with one blow, something it has in common with diamond. This means you should protect it from hard knocks.

This gem can be washed in warm water to clean it. You can also wear it in the bath or shower. Never use an ultrasonic gemstone cleaner to clean it because it might affect the color!

6.05 Carat Mystic Topaz Ring, on Amazon

My Ring

mystic-topaz-ringWhen I spotted my first mystic topaz ring on eBay I was hooked and I knew I wanted one of these lovely pieces. The way the stone boasted all those different colors and reflected the light really captured my imagination and I knew I hadn’t seen anything quite like it before.

This crystal is cheaper than a lot of other stones so you can get a few carats and still stay well below $100.

I researched this stone further, discovered it was also known as Caribbean or rainbow topaz, and started shopping.

The Right Fit

My ring finger is a size L 1/2 in England which is just over a 6 in the US, maybe 6 and 1/8. So I spotted this ring and contacted the seller. She remeasured it and discovered it was an N 1/2, 2 whole sizes too big! I agreed to buy it if she would have it resized, so that’s what we did. I am delighted with the ring and wear it often.

mango-mystic-topazNow, a word of advice about mystic topaz rings. If you buy one of these rings on eBay check the seller’s feedback to ensure they have a good track record and plenty of happy customers. Also, check the quality of the gold.

I prefer 18 karat because of the light color but 14 karat is acceptable and even 9 karat will do if I love the stone. Pay for the item using PayPal because if it didn’t arrive or it’s not the same quality you were promised then you can get a refund.

Mango Mystic Topaz Ring, on Amazon

Facts About Topaz

mystic-topaz-pear-ringThe Ancient Egyptians used to believe this gemstone was colored with the golden glow of the Ra, the mighty Sun God.

This made it a highly powerful amulet to protect the faithful against any harm. This gem was associated with Jupiter by the Romans, who was their God of the Sun.

In ancient times people considered topaz to improve the eyesight. The Greeks wore it to increase their strength and they also thought it made the wearer invisible in times of emergency.

Pear Shape Mystic Topaz Ring, on Amazon

A Magical Gem

Topaz was also thought to change color if added to poisoned food or drink. Its magical curative powers changed with the phases of the moon and it was also thought said to cure asthma, hemorrhages and insomnia.

This stone has a fascinating history and the mystic and rainbow topaz variations of it are truly something very special indeed.

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