Siberian Ice Diamond Jewelry

What is Siberian Ice diamond jewelry exactly, and where can you get some? Siberian Ice is a top quality diamond alternative which has recently begun to take the world by storm.

It is very hard like diamonds and can even scratch glass. This diamond alternative is also guaranteed for life. Basically, it is an alternative to real diamonds which is much closer to an actual diamond than other imitations (cubic zirconia, for example) and that is why so many women are going crazy for it.

They Look the Same

A Siberian Ice diamond has almost the same visual appearance as a true diamond and it is almost as durable too, making it very attractive to people with good taste who want the sparkle and fire of diamonds without the high price tag.

It is practically impossible to tell the difference between Siberian Ice diamond and a real diamond just by looking with the naked eye, which is why it is so appealing to jewelry lovers.

Siberian Ice is bright and flawless, just like a top quality natural diamond. Although Siberian Ice is a mere fraction of the cost of genuine diamonds, even a seasoned jeweler will need gemological testing equipment to spot the difference between Siberian Ice and genuine diamond.


Siberian ice diamond earring compared to genuine Royal Asscher diamond ring, pictured

Nobody except you need ever know the difference when you choose Siberian Ice diamond jewelry. Diamonds go up and down in price so you cannot invest in them and be sure they will maintain their worth.

If you want to spend a lot less on something which has all the beauty of a diamond but does not conjure up images of blood diamonds or slave laborers then choose this.

I have a diamond engagement ring (genuine Royal Asscher) but I also have some earrings made of Siberian Ice and to be honest the difference is very slight.

Side by side they’re both beautiful and they look surprisingly alike although one is worth more than 100 times the price of the other. That’s the wonderful thing about Siberian Ice diamond jewelry.

You can’t really beat Royal Asscher for quality but what’s wrong with imitation diamond earrings, especially when they look just like real diamonds? I wouldn’t want to wear real diamond earrings anyway in case I lost one! Well maybe I would but you know what I mean.

Something gorgeous and sparkly is beautiful regardless of what it’s made of and you would really have to squint at them to even make out they were different materials. The diamond seems to sparkle more in the sunlight or under certain types of fluorescent light but in other light conditions they really are identical.

Stunning Siberian Ice Diamond Earrings

Lab created diamonds such as Siberian Ice are visually identical to real diamonds but a fraction of the price.

What woman wouldn’t look beautiful wearing a classy pair of sparkling Siberian Ice diamond studs or how about a gorgeous ring or pendant?

At these prices you can afford to go to 4 carats. 4 carat real diamond earrings would cost you over $60,000 and remember, you need special equipment to tell the difference. And imagine if you mislaid one!

There have been simulated diamonds around for years but nothing has been as amazing as Siberian Ice diamonds before.

These stones are created in Russia, before being imported into Belgium, one of the world’s biggest manufacturer and distributors of genuine diamonds.

They are then hand-cut and polished to GIA standards, in the same way as a regular diamond is. These superior polishing and cutting techniques give the Siberian Ice a colorless, flawless appearance, and yes – they really are a masterpiece and a prime example of Siberian Ice diamond jewelry.

Siberian Ice will cut glass, just like a genuine diamond, and it rates an impressive 8.5 out of 10 on the hardness scale.

This gives them a fire which other simulated diamonds don’t possess. Siberian Ice does not look like Cubic Zirconia but instead like a diamond, and it also shares a lot of the same characteristics.

Siberian Ice jewelry usually comes with a lifetime guarantee against chipping, scratching, fading, discoloring or clouding.


Imitation Diamonds – Are They for You?

Imitation diamonds are often a hot topic of conversation and, whether you love or hate them, they are here to stay.

Some people feel that imitation diamonds remove the uniqueness, and sparkle from the precious stone and others feel that it allows everyone to enjoy this gem. Before purchasing any diamond, you need to consider why you want the piece, and how large your budget is for the stone.

Understanding the Different Diamonds

Diamonds are a very popular gem stone, with people all over the world enjoying the different pieces that are on offer. As the popularity of this precious stone has increased, the need for more affordable options has arisen. This is why there is now a growing market for imitation diamonds, so you ought to consider both options.

Using the term ‘fake’ is often considered to be over the top, which is why retailers prefer the term imitation. As with everything that is not quite real, as long as you understand what you are purchasing, this is a fantastic way of purchasing what you love. Imitation diamonds have allowed average people with smaller budgets to enjoy the timeless elegance and beauty of diamonds.

Siberian Ice Diamond Jewelry: Pendants

There is no reason why someone with a low income cannot afford to purchase a beautiful imitation diamond. This is why these stones are so popular, as no one will know that it cost you a fraction of the price, unless you choose to tell them that the stone is imitation. If your budget is larger, and you prefer real diamonds, there are plenty to choose from.

Individual Choice is Often the Deciding Factor

When purchasing anything it is often down to you what the final decision will be, when the time comes to paying out for the item. If you only want the real diamonds, and can comfortably afford this precious stone, there is no reason not to have what you want.

Siberian Ice Diamond Jewelry: Rings

An engagement ring doesn’t have to break the bank, especially when Siberian Ice rings are just as beautiful as the real thing, and nobody will know anyway. Take a look at these. Even the larger carat ones are affordable.

However, if you like the style and price of the imitation diamond and the money you save can go towards other things, there is no harm in choosing these and will will have something identical to the naked eye which cost you far less, and which you can replace more easily should the piece ever be lost or stolen.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

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