Rune Stones – A Beginner’s Guide

What are rune stones? Well, rune stones, or runes as they are also known, are a system of communication, decision making and divination. There are 24 runes in a set and they are like an alphabet of the North and North Central Europe.

To Buy or Make Rune Stones

You can buy runes from New Age shops or online, but a lot of people like to make their own, and you can use stones or discs made from wood.

Rune stones are often engraved but some are painted or drawn on instead. One way to make your own runes would be to find 24 similar size pebbles or cut 24 discs out of wood, and write on each one with a black marker pen.

Wooden Rune Stones

If you are using wood you can engrave instead of writing. Then varnish the runes to give them a nice finish and make or buy a soft pouch to keep them in.

More About Reading Runes

mixed-rune-stonesThese Viking characters have come to be a source of clarity and inspiration for a lot of people and they can provide a deep knowing guide or tool for daily life to some users.

Rune stones leave your inner self in a position of clarity even when there is uncertainly all around. Accept there is no uncertainty and allow whatever actions might be required to occur without suffering or pain.

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There is no pain or suffering in truth, so pick out a rune for a daily reading or do a 3 rune spread to get clarity and advice for your day or week ahead.

Different Spreads

amethyst-runesA 3 rune spread is for a broader question but you can pick out a daily rune. Runes are just to guide you, not to tell you what to do, so if you are looking for courage, strength and optimism, then why not consult the rune stones and see what comes up for you?

If you are worried and pick out the rune of courage then rest assured you will find the courage. Runes are optimistic and you pick the one you need because it’s your subconscious doing the choosing.

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Can Anyone Use Runes for Divination or Do You Need a Special Skill?

rune-reading-bookRunes have been used for centuries to help predict the future, and are considered to be incredibly similar to tarot and pendulum readings.

A rune reading can be either simple or complex, depending on the skill level of the reader. Offering free rune stone readings to your friends is something you can do, once you become more skilled, but first do your own readings for yourself.

Many people are curious regarding this form of divination, and understanding runes and their abilities are the first step to predicting the future. Finding out the different rune stones meanings is perhaps the first thing to do if you want to find out how a Norse rune reading works and how you can learn how to interpret runes yourself.

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Learn the Runes

tigers-eye-runesThere are several runes included in the process, each inscribed with a different symbol, which has a unique meaning. You can choose to take the traditional approach, and follow the guidelines, or interpret the symbols how you see fit throughout the reading. Regardless of your method, you need to ensure that you familiarize yourself with the runes, and understand the meanings and symbols.

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There are no special skills that you need to be able to read rune stones; however, you will need an open mind, and a belief in their abilities. You will need to consider the depth of reading that you want to achieve and whether you want to read for yourself, or for friends and family. Divination is regarded as a practice, rather than a theory that people explore.

Practice Makes Perfect

wooden-runesSeveral different cultures have confirmed the symbols as they have been passed down from generation to generation, allowing people to explore this fascinating practice.

You may wonder how you can predict the future, and this is usually achieved through practice. There are markers to look for, and areas that you can focus upon.

Patterns, feedback and an overall feeling are essential to allow you to read the runes correctly, and help to guide other people.

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You need to ensure that you understand the person that you are reading the runes for, and determine whether their question can be answered. If the answers they are seeking cannot be found, you will not be able to provide a clear yes or no to their question.

Be Patient with Them

rose-quartz-runesIt can take many years to master the art of interpretation, and you may find that you need to continue practicing over and over. Reading runes can be incredibly rewarding; however, you need to ensure that you do not give false hope. Making up readings is never allowed, and if there is nothing to reveal, that is how the runes have decided to speak.

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Interfering with the outcome and telling people what you want them to hear is never a good idea, and will make the practice of rune reading seem false. People want to believe that there is a higher body, which can help to guide them in the future. You can help people to make the correct decisions, and provide them with an insight into their future.

Why not buy rune stones which come with an instruction booklet or rune guide, and get started?

Make Your Own Rune Stones

how-to-read-runesRunes are considered to be a form of divination similar to tarot cards; however, they are incredibly personal to the person who uses the stones.

The runes are based on the Norse alphabet, and are a unique way of seeking guidance and advice. You can buy the runes; however, making yourself will provide a powerful rune.

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Typically the runes are made of stone, but you can make them from wood with equally good results, which look fantastic. You will need 25 small pieces of wood which includes the blank rune, which is sometimes removed. If you want unique runes, you can use recycled wood, or branches from a favorite tree.

If you want to use stones, these can be found anywhere including the beach or local river, and will provide you with distinctive shapes and sizes. One of the stones must have a smooth, flat side to be able to draw calm when reading. Once you have all of your pieces, you will need to inscribe them with the runes.

gemstone-runesThis can be done with a wood burning tool or paint; both work equally well and will create the distinctive symbols. What colors you choose are down to personal taste, and can reflect your personality. When the runes are dry, you will need to cleanse and consecrate them to ensure that they become powerful and enriching.

If you are new to runes you might like to get used to them before using them for decision-making or for doing a reading. Also, the meanings can vary so use your own intuition when reading.

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What is Intuition?

Well, remember the last time you came to a crossroads and you weren’t sure whether to turn left or right, but decided on one of the two?

The direction you chose (left or right) was down to something called intuition or ‘gut instinct’ – we all have it but we just don’t use it as much as we should! It is our intuition or gut instinct that draws us towards the most helpful rune(s) for the day.

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