Best Red Wine Jus Recipe for Beef or Lamb

Best Red Wine Jus Recipe

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A rich red wine based jus or dark gravy goes so well with dark meats such as beef or lamb, and this is the best red wine jus if you are going all out to impress.



2 750ml bottles Cabernet Sauvignon

4 cups (1 liter) beef stock or broth

2 cups (500ml) ruby Port

1 quartered large shallot

3 peeled halved large garlic cloves

2 bay leaves

Drippings from roasted meat


Mix the wine, port, beef stock, garlic cloves, bay leaves and shallot in a pan.

Bring the mixture to a boil and keep boiling for an hour or until the mixture has reduced down to 2 cups.

You can do this step up to a couple days ahead if you like and keep it covered and refrigerated.

Cook a beef or lamb roast with garlic and thyme, then pour all the fat from the roasting pan into a pan over a moderate heat.

Bring the wine mixture and boil, scraping any brown bits up.

Add salt and black pepper to taste and pour into a large gravy boat.

Discard the bay leaves and serve this red wine jus.

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