About Me

My name is Victoria and I love discovering new recipes. I also love sharing them, hence the idea behind this website. Cooking is fun and I especially love cooking for others and seeing their eyes light up as they enjoy my culinary creations. I’ve had a fair few disasters in the kitchen (haven’t we all!) but I try to learn from them instead of taking them to heart.

A lot of people don’t realize that it is possible to make the most amazing flavored dishes using basic ingredients and good, wholesome, fresh produce. You don’t need to combine 30 ingredients to make a tasty meal and, as long as you’re using good ingredients, you can make some stunning dishes with relative ease.

It All Started with Starters

This website is a collection of various other websites, because I had a number of them, and decided to put them all together, here, at VictoriaHaneveer.com but my first website was all about appetizers and starters, so those recipes hold a special place in my heart, because that is where it all began!

If you’re cooking a quick, easy dinner, you probably wouldn’t bother with an appetizer beforehand, but why not? While people are waiting for the main course, whether that might be your family, some friends or your partner, why not make some tasty tapas or canapes to snack on while the main meal cooks? Snacks like pate and toast, bacon-wrapped dates and sliced, smoked fish on crackers are easy to prepare and fun to serve, or you could make a hot or chilled soup.

If you are waiting for something to finish simmering, broiling or baking, make a couple of little snacks to serve in the meantime and your family will love you for it. Of course, if you are catering for a party or buffet it is vital to learn how to make these appetizers as well.

And the Rest

Besides the recipes you will find reviews and more, although there is more to come with regard to those, since there are way more recipes than anything else right now. That’s where it all began and that one of my main passions although you might want to bookmark this site because it is going to grow!