Striving for Academic Success: 3 Signs Your Child Could Benefit from a Private Tutor

92% of public school parents around the country believed that their children were performing at grade level, according to one 2022 survey of 1,400 public school parents by Learning Heroes. However, a federal survey revealed that according to school officials, half of U.S. students began the academic year behind grade level in at least one subject. […]

The Heart of Home: How Paintings with Loved Ones Enrich Our Living Spaces

Photo painting of family

Discover the power of incorporating paintings of loved ones into your home decor. From family portraits to cherished moments captured on canvas, learn how these personal artworks can bring warmth and joy to your living spaces. Explore the emotional and aesthetic impact of surrounding yourself with meaningful art that celebrates the heart of home. The […]

Multigenerational Living: How to Create a Thriving, Peaceful Household

multigenerational living

Successful multigenerational households – consisting of three or more generations under the same roof – prioritize open communication, feature a mix of common and private spaces, and participate in regular bonding activities. Indeed, multigenerational living is increasingly popular in the United States, with these households now representing 18% of the population. Multigenerational homes help young families […]