Multigenerational Living: How to Create a Thriving, Peaceful Household

multigenerational living

Successful multigenerational households – consisting of three or more generations under the same roof – prioritize open communication, feature a mix of common and private spaces, and participate in regular bonding activities. Indeed, multigenerational living is increasingly popular in the United States, with these households now representing 18% of the population. Multigenerational homes help young families […]

Small Changes, Great Impact: Transform Your Kitchen into an Eco-Friendly Haven!

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Do you want to know more about creating an eco-friendly kitchen? 77% of people want to live more sustainably, with concern for the environment being the driving motivator (40% are concerned about plastic pollution, 39% biodiversity loss, and 38% climate change), Forbes reports. Transitioning to an eco-friendly kitchen is a key way to minimize your impact […]

Useful Tips if You’re Living Alone for the First Time

Being independent and living alone for the first time finally is an exciting experience. However, it can also be somewhat scary and confusing, especially whenever you encounter problems that you never planned for. In the first couple of years living by yourself, you will learn many things, including how to choose an apartment and fix […]

5 Important Things to Consider when Choosing a Place to Live

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Choosing a place to live where you’ll be happy is so important! We all have our own individual wants and preferences and picking out the perfect pad isn’t a decision that can be rushed. So are you thinking about moving? Whether you need to move for work or you’re just looking for a change of […]