Matcha Pink Drink and How to Make Pink Matcha Tea

matcha pink drink

Everyone knows the verdant hue of traditional matcha green tea, but there is a rainbow of tasty matcha flavors out there! Get to know all the colorful flavors of matcha tea with this tasty look at matcha pink drink!

What is Pink Matcha?

Matcha is an incredible type of shade-grown green tea. The matcha tea leaves have a natural bright green color and bold grassy flavor. The ground leaves are often mixed with sweetener to make the leafy flavor more satisfying.

Traditionally, matcha is combined with milk to make a tea latte that is as vibrant to look at as it is to taste! Perhaps you want to try a pink drink matcha cold foam or iced matcha with coconut milk!

Pink matcha takes that incredible tea tradition to delicious new places. This blushing type of tea is made from green matcha that is combined with ground dragon fruit or strawberries. Both beautiful fruits give the green tea a lush pink color but more importantly, these colorful combinations make the matcha taste great!

Dragon fruit has a wonderfully mild and sweet flavor that balances the strong leafiness naturally found in matcha. While strawberry has a flirtatious berry sweetness that sings alongside the green tea.

You can find vibrant matcha pink powders online and at your favorite tea shop. Another tasty option is to make your own pink matcha by combining your favorite blend of green matcha tea with ground fruit.

pink matcha latte

Now, let’s take a look at how to make it!

How to Make Matcha Pink Drink

There are a few delicious ways to prepare pink matcha at home, and we’ll explore the easiest methods:

Store-Bought Pink Matcha Powder

This easy method works very well for both hot and cold tea. To prepare store-bought pink matcha, grab the powder and your favorite type of milk. You can follow the package directions to make a perfectly portioned pink matcha in minutes.

Homemade Pink Matcha Powder

If you love everything made from scratch, then you should try preparing your own pink matcha. To make this tasty rendition you will need dried strawberries or dried dragon fruit and your favorite green matcha tea powder.

Pulse the dried fruit in a spice grinder until it is a fine powder and then mix it with the matcha powder. Use a 2:1 matcha to fruit powder ratio to make this yummy tea.

Once you’ve prepared the tea powder, combine it with your favorite type of hot or iced milk to make a delicious pink matcha latte.

Strawberry Milk Matcha

If you love easy drink recipes then you should try this hack for fast and tasty pink matcha. Use your favorite green matcha tea powder and strawberry milk to make an iced or hot matcha tea latte with a delightful pink hue!

Are There Other Colors of Matcha?

Pink might be all the rage but it’s not the only colorful show in town! In addition to the very popular flavor of pink matcha, there is a prism of delicious shades of matcha tea out there waiting to be tasted!

Some of the other vividly flavorful varieties of matcha include:

  • Green Matcha: This is the traditional bright green tea everyone associates with matcha. It is made with green matcha tea leaves and has an earthy, leafy, and vegetative green flavor.
  • Red Matcha: This aromatic matcha blend is made from ground hibiscus leaves. It has a sweet, tart, and floral flavor.
  • Blue Matcha: The blue variety is made from blue butterfly pea powder instead of traditional green tea. It has a delightful purple-to-blue hue and a mild floral flavor.

All of these radiant shades of tea have their own delicious benefits, so open your horizons to a rainbow of colorful matcha teas!

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