Easy Chicken Fritter Recipe

chicken fritters on a plate with green beans and tomatoes

Take a look at this crispy chicken fritter recipe and prepare to want to make it immediately! Now, crispy chicken fritters go by many names. Some call them chicken breast fritters while others know them as fried chicken fritters. But when it comes to deliciousness, the name doesn’t really matter! These fritters are a delightful […]

German Rouladen Recipe for Authentic Beef Rouladen

German rouladen recipe

German rouladen are one of the tastiest dishes from Germany. You can get pork rouladen too although beef rouladen are especially popular. These mouthwatering meaty treats are stuffed with bacon, mustard, pickles, and bacon. After that, they are simmered gently in a rich, hearty brown gravy. German rouladen are ideal for any occasion, whether it’s […]