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Chili with Baked Potato
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What is Tex-Mex Food

To sum up the answer to ‘what is Tex-Mex food’, Tex-Mex cuisine refers to primarily American dishes found in the state of Texas. This cuisine is a blend of American and Mexican foods. Some of these recipes might not be the same as the authentic Mexican version but it is still referred to as ‘Mexican’ …

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How to Enjoy Champagne

Find out more about how to open, enjoy and save leftover champagne. Is prosecco champagne? What is brut champagne? What is demi-sec champagne? Which champagne is sweet? The questions about this iconic bubbly beverage are endless. Although there are lots of types of sparkling white wine to choose from (cava, prosecco etc) it is fair …

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Low Carb Cooking

Low carb cooking and following a low carb diet is not just for diabetics and those who have problems digesting carbohydrates, but for anyone who wants to drop weight and eat tasty food while still maintaining a great shape and not feeling hungry or deprived. Although low carb cooking sounds easy, it takes a while …