Striving for Academic Success: 3 Signs Your Child Could Benefit from a Private Tutor

92% of public school parents around the country believed that their children were performing at grade level, according to one 2022 survey of 1,400 public school parents by Learning Heroes. However, a federal survey revealed that according to school officials, half of U.S. students began the academic year behind grade level¬†in at least one subject. […]

Innovative Ways Technology Can Help Students Boost Self-Esteem

build student self esteem

Let’s look at how to help students boost self-esteem. It’s estimated that roughly 85% of people worldwide¬†(both adults and adolescents) have low-self esteem. Generally described as lacking confidence or feeling inadequate, low self esteem has been linked to issues like school dropout rates and low academic achievement. However, when it comes to boosting self esteem […]