weather house

Alpine and German Weather Houses

First things first… what on Earth is a weather house and why would you use German weather houses? Well, a weather house is a little house in the shape of a Swiss or German chalet, and it is used to indicate the weather. Usually there are 2 side-by-side doors, with a girl in the left one and a boy in the right one.

If the weather is supposed to be dry and sunny the girl comes out. If it’s going to be rainy the boy comes out. The boy/girl might be young or they might be man/woman figures depending on the design of the weather house itself. Alpine and German weather houses are all different so you can choose exactly what you prefer.

How Does a Weather House Barometer Work?

This folk art device is a hygrometer, which means there is a balance bar suspended on a piece of hair and the boy and girl figures sit on that. Depending how humid the surrounding air is, the hair will shrink or relax. Continue reading


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