Blazers Tweed and Tweed Jackets for Women

Whether you are shopping for jackets or blazers tweed is a popular pick. Tweed suits and tweed jackets for women make a fashion statement and you can buy some gorgeous pieces. Look at some of the best tweed jackets for woman and find something which is perfect for you.

They are warm, stylish and comfortable. Buy a tweed jacket and you can be the envy of your friends.

Blazers Tweed: Choose from Warm or Cool, Heavy or Light, Thick or Thin Fabric

Tweed comes in many different colors and you can get different blends too, perhaps warm wool for a winter jacket or a lighter blend with cotton if you still want the look of tweed during the warmer seasons.

Invest in tweed and you will have a staple in your closet which is never going to go out of style. The best tweed jackets for women are those you are going to want to wear all the time and find new pairings for.

Modern or Classic? Best Tweed Jackets for Women

Perhaps you like the ultra-modern pink tweed jacket options available right now, or what about the multicolor choices for a splash of fun? You can’t go wrong with classic brown either, whether you choose a light mocha color or if you prefer the depth of espresso or chocolate brown.

Add a modern twist with a pink or yellow top, or a classic and luxurious touch with a fluffy cashmere sweater perhaps.

Customize your accessories and make your look unique by adding whatever top and jewelry you like, to make your tweed suit look really come alive. Choose from a skirt or trouser suit, and take your pick of above-the-knee skirts or longer, more elegant styles, or wide-legged pants or what about some cute tweed shorts?

Tweed shorts with a matching tweed jacket are all the rage right now, and you can team the shorts with black tights for an elegant, cozy feel and style. You won’t regret choosing the best tweed jackets for women.

Seriously Cute Pink Blazers Tweed Jacket

pink-tweed-jacketNow this is gorgeous! First of all it’s tweed and second, yep it’s tweed!

If you want to stand head and shoulders above the fashionable crowd this Fall/Winter, choose this beautiful pink tweed jacket.

Look at the wonderful bow and pearl details on the pockets. This is such a precious piece.

The price is great for such a lovely jacket and imagine how versatile this is. You could wear it over jeans for a casual look which screams style, or team it with white pants and medium heels for a day at the office, adding a string of pearls for a classic look.

Cute Pink Jacket, on Amazon

McGinn Women’s Sasha Tweed Jacket

mcginn-tweed-jacketThis jacket can be worn two ways – either with the white piping showing or with the jacket closed so only the black is visible. The versatility makes it even more gorgeous.

This is one of the most pretty and stylish jackets out there and the fact it an be worn two ways makes it all the more appealing.

This black jacket has white piping and you can wear it over jeans for a casual look or wear it to work. It is made from quality fabric and the style is Fall/Winter so whether you wear it over jeans or casual pants, or pair it with some elegant black pants (like in the picture) for a night out, you can be sure this jacket is going to work, and add an air of sophistication to your overall ensemble.

You will feel like a million dollars in this gorgeous tweed jacket.

Elegant McGinn Tweed Jacket, on Amazon

What is Tweed?

We’ve all heard of this fabric but what exactly is it?

Tweed is a rough, open-textured fabric which is similar to homespun or cheviot but more closely woven.

It can be twill or plain and might be herringbone or check patterned.

You can twist together different colors of wool to get interesting effects, and if you have never seen modern tweed styles the range is going to blow you away!

Tweed is durable and moisture-resistant which is why it is a popular choice for outdoor activities.

Tweed is very popular in the UK and it is a very classy, elegant choice. Recently tweed has stormed back into fashion and is no longer simply something country-dwelling people wear when fishing or hunting.

Nipon 3/4 Sleeve Tweed Jacket, on Amazon

Instead today you are likely to see it everywhere from the catwalks to high-end stores. Everyone wants tweed jackets these days, no matter whether the jacket is vintage and classically styled or whether it is one of the colorful, funky and modern types. You can’t go wrong with tweed. Pair it with jeans and sneakers for a casual look or with black trousers and heels for a smart office style.

Blazers Tweed: The Casual Look

Wear tweed with a pair of jeans and flat heels for a fashionable casual look. Add a quirky piece of jewelry to make your outfit unique. Tweed can be dressed up or dressed down, so experiment and discover your own preferred tweed style.

Classic Tweed Blazers for Women

Dress it up, dress it down, do whatever you want with it to make your own statement. Tweed can be ultra-trendy or classic and timeless. Invest in tweed and you will have something you want to wear all the time because it looks and feels so soft, warm and amazing.

How to Wear a Classic Tweed Jacket

dollhouse-tweed-jacketTweed jackets remain a timeless classic that can look amazing on the right woman, in the correct situation. This distinctive fabric has a superior quality, ensuring that it remains a firm favorite for women of all ages.

Regardless of your taste, there will be an occasion when you can enjoy wearing a tweed jacket.

This classic fabric continues to be popular throughout shops and boutiques; however, there is a right way to wear tweed. If you follow the tips and guidelines, you will be confident that you look as amazing as you feel when you wear the tweed jacket.

Dollhouse Wool-Blend Tweed Jacket, on Amazon

Some people wear tweed at the wrong time of the year, which can make the outfit look bad.

Wearing this material in the winter months is advised, and will ensure that you remain warm. You can wear tweed all year; however, it is usually a thick, woven material, which can make you feel uncomfortable if you are too hot, so choose modern light tweeds for the warmer months.

A tweed jacket paired with other clothes is excellent, but wearing an all tweed outfit may be considered too much. Tweed can appear overpowering incredibly quickly, and this is often where women go wrong.

Wear Just One Tweed Piece at a Time

plus-size-tweedThe tweed jacket should be worn with no other tweed clothing, and some women panic that they will have nothing to wear it with, but, you will be surprised.

Tweed coordinates easily with several different colors and styles of clothing, making it a fantastic choice.

Flared trousers, loose chiffon skirts and dainty dresses will all look amazing. Of course if you have a tweed skirt suit for example you can wear both pieces.

They save age doesn’t matter, although where tweed jackets are concerned, you may find that as you get older they do not look as good.

Tweed has an awful ability of making women appear far older, and when you are already aging, this can be a disaster.

Plus Size Tweed Blazer, on Amazon

The distinguished look can appear matronly and will add years to your appearance. This only applies if you wear the old-fashioned kind of tweed though.

Play with Different Colors

Color is a fantastic way to make the tweed appear trendy, and you need to be brave when adding the touches to the outfit. Tweed jackets are naturally muted, therefore, adding vibrant blouses, accessories, and even skirts will create a stunning outfit. You need to look at the weave on the jacket, and pick out the colors which are included.

Introduce Contrasting Textures

charter-club-tweed-jacketTextures will also need to be considered when choosing the perfect compliments for the tweed jacket that you want to wear.

The texture for tweed is solid, and can appear harsh, sturdy and thick; therefore, you need to pair the jacket with softer textures, to ensure that the tweed appears less harsh.

Many women find that silk is the ideal pairing as it is so different to tweed and looks feminine and sexy.

Once you discover how to match tweed jackets with the rest of your outfit, you will love the style that this superb material produces.

You will find that tweed never ages and can be placed in the closet until next year.

Every year you can create the perfect outfit with your tweed jacket, and wear it with confidence.

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Tweed used to be called ‘tweel’ when it was originally invented, did you know that?

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