Buffalo Crackslaw

This is a video for you to watch and wow, this buffalo crackslaw recipe looks so good! The chef uses the main crackslaw recipe, but watching him cook is a sheer delight. If you want to make something different, consider this recipe and you will find it easy to stick to your low carb diet and not feel deprived whatsoever.

Mmm, you can almost smell this through your monitor. If you are new to making this dish then watching someone else cook it first is always handy.

There is nothing difficult about making buffalo slaw but you might be curious about preparing the ingredients, cooking the mixture in the pan, or even what the dish should be looking like at various stages of the cooking, so if you are brand new to the world of crackslaw just sit back and take a look at this video.

No only will you see this yummy dish being made live but you will also pick up tips for making the best crackslaw buffalo style and perhaps even think of some new twists to make your own homemade buffalo crackslaw unique.

Buffalo Crackslaw: So Tasty and Easy

Crackslaw isn’t the only low carb entree which you can rustle up if you fancy comfort food and you don’t want to leave the table until you’re really satisfied. However it is one of the best meals you can make while restricting your carb intake, so consider making this and you will be really delighted with the results.

I like to serve it just as it is, without anything on the side. But if you wanted to add a low carb side dish to your buffalo crackslaw, then consider shirataki noodles or even cauliflower ‘rice’. That is cauliflower florets run through a grater or food processor and then sautéed or steamed until crisp-tender.