Standard Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

When planning a new kitchen or renovating your existing kitchen, there are various things that you need to know if you are going to do the work yourself, especially standard kitchen cabinet dimensions.

“What are the standard kitchen cabinet dimensions” is a very common question to ask and you will need to know the answer so you can plan what to buy and also so you can plan what is going to go where and what exactly you are going to have in there. If space is at a premium you might be limited in the amount of drawers, cabinets and workspace you are able to get.

Now, standard kitchen cabinet dimensions: base kitchen cabinets are 24 inches deep and 34.5 high. The height is either 42 or 30 for upper or wall cabinets by 12 inches deep. If a wall cabinet is going above a refrigerator though it will be between 12 and 15″ high. The depth will be the same as with standard base cabinets.

These are 24″ deep so even if they are over the refrigerator you will be able to reach into them easily enough. The standard width of a cabinet starts at 6 inches and goes up by 3 inches each time. 48 inches is usually the widest you can get.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions – Wall Cabinets

These normally go 18″ over the countertops. A base cabinet would have a 36 inch high countertop on it, so the wall cabinet will hang about 54 inches above the kitchen floor. Put 24 inches or more of clearance in between if you are hanging a wall cabinet over the stove.

30 inches is the standard full soffit wall cabinet height or 42 inches if there is no soffit. The wall depth would be 12 and a quarter inches if the countertop is 25 inches deep. A 30 inch deep countertop needs a 30 inch deep wall cabinet. Also, they should match base cabinets, in terms of height.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions –¬†Countertops

These should be 36 inches high if you want to use standard kitchen dimensions. If you are going with a double sided seating design, choose a 30 inch minimum. For one-sided seating, 15 inches is fine.

Kitchen Planning

Whether to model your own kitchen or get the professional in is something which is up to you. If you have never done any DIY before, it might be a good idea to hire some builders to deck out your kitchen for you. If you really want to go it alone, make sure you do your research properly before you begin.

Knowing the standard kitchen cabinet dimensions is just one of the elements you need to familiarize yourself with before starting on such a task.