Christmas Prep: Helping You to Stay Sane During the Festive Period

christmas prep

Christmas is just around the corner, and often December is a time of the year when you are full of lists of things you need to do, commitments, and places you need to be. However, with all of the best intentions, the magic of Christmas can pass you by.

There is no doubt that Christmas is a time of giving, receiving, feeling grateful, and spending time with loved ones. Children are especially part of the joy of this time of the year as you go about creating magic, the best that you can do, to help them feel festive.

But, there is no denying that Christmas is hard work. It is busy, costly, and can cause a heck of a lot of stress. It is easy to get sucked in and lose your sanity while trying to keep on top of the Christmas prep. So, with that in mind, here are some of the ways that you can stay sane during the festive period.

Make it Magical for the Kids

One of the things that you need to remember is to make the Christmas period magical for the kids. It isn’t all about spending money and elaborate presents on the day, most of the fun and memories made are when you are doing normal things.

Whether that is finding fun Christmas movies for kids, setting up sweet treats, looking at Christmas lights, or visiting the big man himself. Winter walks, Christmas baking, and crafting things, are all great ways to make Christmas magical. You could even have fun with the elf on the shelf. You can start it later and just do a week of funny antics before the big day.

Schedule in Downtime

It is important that you schedule some downtime. Christmas is busy, and you will have an endless list of Christmas prep to do. So you will want to ensure that you have some time to relax and enjoy a Christmas movie yourself or head out to a Christmas market with your family.

It might even be playing board games with the family. Have some fun just enjoying the festivities yourself without feeling stressed with things you need to do.

Throw a Party

Another great way to enjoy the festive period is to throw a Christmas party. This is actually a great way to see many people all at once.

Host a Christmas party, invite your friends and family, and use it as a time to exchange gifts as well as spend some quality time together. This way you don’t have to be here, there, and everywhere, in the lead-up to the big day.

Secret Santas

There is something quite stressful about gift buying for many people, and if you have a big family or a large group of friends, it can certainly get overwhelming.

This is when you may want to think about organizing Secret Santa’s instead. You can agree on who is taking part in the Secret Santa, and then only have to worry about one person. This is also ideal for kids groups, as well as the workplace.

prep for christmas

Agreements on Budgets for Gifts

Part of the stress is the financial aspect of Christmas, and there is no escape from it. Present buying, as well as all of the other things you need to buy, costs money. So why not agree on a budget between you all this time?

For family members, you can all agree on an amount, or perhaps just choose to buy for children only this year. You could also make it fun with small budgets so you have to get creative and think outside of the box.

This may sound hard, but it is less stressful when it is just one gift you need to think about. Budgeting is always a tough conversation to have, but you may find many are in similar situations this year and would welcome less expense.

Prep the Food for the Big Day

Food is another part of Christmas that can be stressful, so you may want to do all that you can to save your sanity on the big day. You can prep a lot of food in advance and freeze it.

You can also buy ready-made things, or order food ahead of time so that you just have one collection. Why not delegate jobs to family members so the cooking isn’t solely on you? Another part of the Christmas prep is ensuring you have all the crockery too.

Online Shopping

Finally, online shopping is one of the best tips to avoid stress during the holiday period. If you can order it online then do it. This way you don’t have to leave the house and get in all the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping.

Let’s hope these Christmas prep tips help you to stay sane during the festive period!

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