Feel Like Your Clothes are Boring? Here are Some Easy Fixes!

update your clothes

Changing your style every once in a while is good for you. It refreshes your wardrobe, makes you feel good in your clothes, and can benefit your mental health through a hardy bit of self expression.

But in those moments when you feel like your style is boring and is never going to feel quite right, what are you supposed to do? Just check out your wardrobe and start again? What if you don’t know where to start, or just don’t have the clothing budget for a total rehaul?

There’s some good news: you can be a lot more subtle when you want to update your style, not go for a complete overhaul. If you feel like your outfits are getting tired, we’ve got a few easy ‘fixes’ for you. Using these tips, a ‘boring’ outfit doesn’t have to bug you for too long – as long as you’re happy with your clothes, it’s a lot easier to flaunt your style with confidence.

update your style

Cinch with a Belt

Belts are lifesavers of otherwise boring outfits. They add both a hint of color and texture, making your style more interesting to both wear and perceive. A belt can really finish an outfit, and deciding to leave home without one can make your clothing feel rather empty, and overall incomplete.

Belts can be added to any wardrobe piece, even without belt hooks to keep it in place. Indeed, buy yourself a waist cinching belt, whether leather or elastic, and you can give your outfit that neatly tucked element that’s all the rage these days. It doesn’t need to be tight!

Wear Some Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is made totally for you. This means you won’t find a piece like it anywhere else in the world – what could be more exciting than that?! And the bigger you want your fashion to stand out, the bigger the statement piece you should come up with.

Get onto a website like fullersjewelry.com, design your jewelry with your unique sense of fashion in mind, and then happily flaunt your stuff once it arrives. The best jewelry pieces can be mixed and matched with the majority of your wardrobe, so for maximum use of your money, keep this design in mind.

if clothes are boring

Go to a Tailor

Using the services of a tailor to update your style is something of a lost art. But if you want your wardrobe to feel more eclectic and less boring, your local tailor is worth a visit. You probably have some hidden gems tucked away and they deserve to see the light of day again!

When it comes to beloved fashion, you don’t actually have to throw out things that don’t fit how you want. You can ask a tailor to take it in or let it out, to restitch it, or even to add some different fabric to make the item more visually appealing.

Loose on Top, Snug on Bottom

This is becoming more of a common outfit style, but it could be just the thing you’re looking for. Something loose on top and something snug on bottom can create a flow between the fabric you’re wearing, and make it feel a lot more comfortable when you’re actually wearing it.

Oversized tees and sweaters tend to be the most popular items for the loose top, but you can also put a baggy shirt or blouse on, or something woolen that gathers naturally. Combine these with some well fitting shorts, skin tight and/or high waisted trousers, or a pencil skirt that zips from above your hips to the knee.

Add Some Color

It’s the most basic tip here but honestly? It’s also the most effective if you want to update your style. When you’ve got color in your wardrobe, you give yourself options. You can color match outfits; orange, red, and yellow go together very well, but blue, purple, and red also match in the right tones. There’s a lot you can do here!

It’s all about where you’re going and what you’re planning to do for the day. But as long as you’re wearing a bit of color, you’re going to pop on the street next to people wearing their best monochromatic pieces. Then, walk with confidence and feel yourself!

If you feel like your clothes are boring, don’t put yourself down! The more you love what you wear, the more people are going to recognize you for the style icon you are. So add a few accessories to your wardrobe, get your clothes tailored, and try out a few new colors. You never know what fashion loves you might discover next!

Images by Pexels