Simple Tips to Help You Pick Jewelry for Your Outfits

Picking out the right jewelry for your outfits can be pretty difficult, especially if you’re not used to wearing jewelry in the first place! There are loads of different things to think about when it comes to picking jewelry for outfits, so it can be a little overwhelming at first. But we’re here to help! We’ll be teaching you some really simple tips to help you pick out jewelry for your outfits to make them stand out and look amazing.

Remember Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone isn’t really a part of your overall outfit, but it is something that you can’t really change and you need to think about when picking a complimentary outfit and jewelry. If your skin tone is lighter, then you’ll pair better with cooler colors such as white gold and silver. Warmer skin colors tend to pair better with yellow or even rose gold.

You can also consider gemstone colors as well and how they might interact with your skin tone and hair color. But remember; this is just advice! Having a certain skin tone doesn’t mean that you can’t wear certain jewelry colors; it just means you have to pay a bit more attention to how it looks with your skin tone as the backdrop.

Don’t Get Caught Up on the Price

Price isn’t everything when it comes to jewelry! Simple and elegant 1-carat diamond earrings can look beautiful and outstanding when paired with the right outfit, and you don’t have to spend a fortune for the look!

Just remember that prices don’t really affect the end result of your outfit. As long as it looks amazing, you’ll feel amazing and you can just pick jewelry you like. Nobody is going to be able to see the brand names of your jewelry when it’s on your body, so don’t get caught up looking at prices and stop thinking about what others might say or think about your jewelry.

Picking a Focal Piece

One of the keys to wearing jewelry well is that you should try to have a focal piece. This is essentially a piece of jewelry that tends to stand out and sets the stage for the rest of your outfit.

For example, you could wear a large mystic topaz ring as your main focal piece, and then have other gemstones and jewelry pieces that compliment it around the rest of your body. The idea here is to balance out a big and loud piece with other smaller pieces so that you aren’t mixing too many ideas and colors together and ending up with a big clash.

Layering is a Great Way to Use Lots of Jewelry

If you like the idea of wearing a lot of jewelry then layering might be a good idea for you. Jewelry layering just means wearing different kinds of jewelry and “layering” them on top of each other to create a fuller effect.

For example, you could wear several simple and small necklaces, combining them into a much nicer-looking piece when you see them all together. There’s no limitation to how you can layer your pieces, so let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Photos from Unsplash