Recipe for Squid Stuffed with Rice and Herbs

This fun video shows you how to make delicious squid stuffed with rice and it is aimed at beginners, so you can see exactly what you need, how to prepare the ingredients and how to stuff and cook your squid to perfection. Stuffed squid recipes are really easy, so long as you know what you need and how to prepare and combine the ingredients, as well as how long to cook it so your squid comes out beautifully tender.

This squid stuffed with rice cooking video is easy enough for complete beginners to master so if you are worried about getting lost in technical cooking jargon then don’t, because that is not what stuffed squid is all about. In fact once you have made the recipe you will think ‘was that it?’ because it is that easy!

This is a rice-based recipe, and other ingredients include tomato paste, onion, parsley, dill and white wine. This is quite a typical Mediterranean recipe and the flavors are bold yet aromatic too, and nothing overpowers the natural flavor of the squid.

Why Cooking Videos are Handy

Being able to watch the entire process makes cooking stuffed squid seem much easier and this approachable, entertaining video shows you absolutely everything you need to know. Bear in mind the rice will expand during cooking so if you are using rice to fill your squid it is very important not to over-stuff it. The finished squid is baked in the oven and when it comes out it will be tender, fragrant and irresistible.

Serve this squid stuffed with rice alongside your favorite salad or what about some al dente steamed asparagus or another green vegetable? You could also serve half-portions as an appetizer, but I nearly always present mine as an entrée because I love squid stuffed with rice so much!