A Delicious Recipe for Braised Stuffed Calamari

The braised stuffed calamari in this recipe sure looks good. Breadcrumbs, olives, capers, garlic, parsley and more are combined for a tasty filling for your squid. Laura Vitale talks you through everything you need for the recipe and then shows you how to prepare your ingredients to make the filling.

I liked this braised stuffed calamari video because I found it very easy to follow and I love the resulting stuffed squid. I think it looks great! And also because this is so similar to the way I usually make my own squid so Laura Vitale is on to a winner here. Just watch the video through and then as soon as it finishes you will wish to recreate this dish yourself.

Tomato Sauce for Braised Calamari

The squid for this braised stuffed calamari is stuffed and then added to a tomato sauce on the stove where it can braise until tender. Oh yes, this is usually the way I made my calamari although I have also baked it. But braising it makes it so succulent. You will love the results, I promise you.

Turn the squid over every now and then to ensure even cooking, or at least give the mixture in the pan a good stir. The filling should not fall out but be gentle when you stir anyway. This can be served with a mixed leaf salad on the side and you will find the dish so flavorful. This is one of the best recipes if you are in the mood for a squid dinner.