Simple Stuffed Squids

Featuring a stuffing made with anchovies, parmesan, garlic, wine, parsley and breadcrumbs, this Greek inspired, simple stuffed squids recipe is hearty and tasty. You can see exactly what you need for this recipe and see how the filling is made in a skillet on the stove in stages.

This is important because it gives the filling plenty of dimension. Stuff your squid then fry them in garlicky oil in the skillet. They will puff up on the stove and when they do it is time to add white wine and cover the skillet. Because this is a stovetop recipe you can watch the squid the whole time.

It is also nice if you are using the oven to cook something else. Use small or medium calamari for this recipe, and cook until they are very tender. This is a professional video which shows even the most beginner cook how to make simple stuffed squids with ease.

Watch the video right through and you will soon be surprised to see just how squid is to stuff and cook, so if you avoided squid unless you happen to be at a restaurant and someone else is doing the cooking, give it a change. Homemade stuffed squids are great!

I Love Greek Food

Yes it’s true – Greek recipes are very close to my heart and there are a few in my regular meal rotation including lamb shoulder with white wine, lemon and garlic, and of course moussaka which I adore. Greek style salads are also nice. Seafood is popular in Greece too and the Greeks know how to make really good fish and seafood. That’s why I love simple stuffed squids.

This cuisine is often served lukewarm or at room temperature, maybe because when the weather is hot (like in Greece during the summer months) it’s more appealing than ice cold or boiling hot food.