Recipe for Stuffed Squid Tubes

This recipe for stuffed squid tubes is easy and promises juicy, delicious results. Hearty ingredients like breadcrumbs, cheese, shrimp, tomato and onion are combined for the filling here, along with aromatics like cumin, paprika, cayenne and coriander.

The squid isfried in a skillet on the stove and then sliced to serve. Try these stuffed squid tubes and discover just how wonderful homemade calamari recipes can be.

Italian Style Stuffed Squid Tubes

This dish is a very tasty recipe and the use of seasonings and spices makes it an unusual one too because the Mediterranean filling is combined with bold spices to offer plenty of dimension to the flavor. This video is narrated and there are plenty of helpful tips and tricks there to help ensure your stuffed squid tubes come out perfectly. You will want to make this recipe again and again.

If you want to see how to make filled calamari instead of just reading about it, this video shows you practically everything you could ever wish to know about it. This one can be adapted if you want to swap some of the ingredients for others or change the recipe and really make it your own. Try this just as it is first, to see how tasty it is. Serve it with a salad or even pasta or egg noodles on the side. You can serve this recipe as an appetizer or entrée depending how big you make the portions and what you choose to serve on the side.

You will need calamari as your main ingredient for making this so head to your nearest grocery store and see what they have in stock. Failing that, try an Asian grocery store. They often stock frozen calamari for bargain basement prices. I like to keep some in the freezer and simply thaw it overnight before making stuffed squid tubes.