Stuffed Calamari Recipe | Calamari Stuffed with Shrimp and Mushroom

This stuffed calamari recipe is amazing. How does shrimp and mushroom stuffed calamari sound to you? The red pepper sauce served with it is beautiful too.

This recipe makes sufficient for 4 people and features shrimp, mushrooms, garlic, parsley and breadcrumbs. The sauce is made with red pepper, garlic and oil, to keep things simple. I have various stuffed calamari recipes in my repertoire but this one is always a winner and it’s great for any occasion, even a special occasion like a dinner party or special birthday meal.

This is a clear, simple-to-follow video and it is a great introduction to beginner home cooks who wish to make stuffed squid for the first time. Try this shrimp and mushroom stuffed calamari recipe tonight and prepare for your family to be wowed. This is a colorful, attractive dish and I can imagine serving this at a dinner party because it looks impressive and the flavor is incredible.

The mushroom gives such a lovely, earthy flavor to the shrimp and mushroom stuffed calamari dish and the shrimp enhances the seafood appeal. I often add minced or finely chopped mushroom to the filling for the squid just because I love the earthiness and mushrooms go beautifully with cheese, tomato and other popular ingredients. Use white button mushrooms or any type you like.

Stuffed Calamari Recipe: Make Ahead Option

You can stuff the calamari a day ahead if you wish and cook it the following day, which is good to know if you are going to be very busy the next day or if you start to make it and then change your mind. Most stuffed squid recipes are versatile like that.

Just prepare it ahead and then finish the dish when you’re ready. It will taste just as nice if you do it that way. Nobody wants to be rushing this dish so if it makes more sense to plan this shrimp and mushroom stuffed calamari recipe in advance then go ahead and do that.