Sensitive Teeth – Yes You Can Still Enjoy Your Food!

diet for sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth is a frequently troubling condition many deal with. Caused by a range of issues, but especially bruxism, which highlights can be a seriously damaging long-term condition, one of the most distressing impacts of sensitive teeth is an inability to freely enjoy food.

It often becomes the case that beloved foods have to be removed from the diet entirely in order to protect teeth, or at least get through a meal without being in pain. However, there are options out there, and with some creativity even those people with the most sensitive teeth can find delicious foods to work with.

Embracing a Rich Diet with Sensitive Teeth

When it comes to sensitive teeth, the most important step to take first is reducing your sugar intake. As the National Institute on Aging highlights, one of the easiest ways to inflame and hurt sensitive molars is through eating sugary foods, including sugars hidden in otherwise innocuous food like white bread.

Furthermore, by having a varied diet, you can readily supplement the nutrition that feeds into how strong your teeth are. Strengthening soft teeth is often one of the best measures to take in the fight against dental sensitivity. Now this can be tough if you like sweet things but there are ways to replace those sugars. For instance, a mango vanilla smoothie made with only fruit and fresh yogurt will greatly cut down on sugar while providing a sweet treat. Just remember to rinse and brush afterwards.

Sensitive Teeth Alternatives to Tomato

Tomato is one of the most beloved ingredients in most cuisines, but it is also one of the most damaging to sensitive teeth, according to Woodland Hills Dentist. So how can you get around that?

Well, one option is to use sun-dried tomato or tomato concentrate (tomato paste). This reduces the amount of free acid, and can also be incorporated into food more easily, meaning you don’t have to push tomato against the impacted areas. Mixed in with spices and soft meat, such as ground beef, in lasagnas and ragus, these alternatives can impart a lot of flavor while sidelining the pain.

tomato sensitive teeth

Easy Ways to Keep It Simple

It doesn’t need to be difficult to minimize sensitive teeth pain, as long as you know what to eat and what to avoid.

The best recipes for sensitive teeth are the simple ones but do feel free to get creative. Oats are often one of the nicest alternatives, providing soft chewing and a gentle action on the teeth. Milk can be restorative too.

Eggs are another option and can be customized with sauces and then there are various breads and muffins. Anything works as long as it’s not too chewy. Pasta is another appealing option and there are plenty of pesto varieties out there to provide plenty of choice and flavor.

The key is to ensure that your teeth are treated well. Avoid chewy and crunchy foods because they’re likely to make your teeth worse. Avoid acids and sugars also, since they’ll only enhance any soreness you already have.

After a few days or weeks of gentle food and treatment, you may well see improvements, and have a better diet to boot. Teeth sensitivity doesn’t have to rule your life or diet, so long as you familiarize yourself with what helps and what hinders your sensitive teeth.