The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers is incredible and attracts thousands of spectators every year as it leaves Las Palmas in Gran Canaria for Rodney Bay, Santa Lucia. Every year since 1986, this amazing transatlantic rally has set sail and crossed the 2700 nautical miles of Atlantic Ocean. The event begins in November and attracts over 200 yachts from all over the world.

The ARC, as the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers has been named, is considered to be the most successful sailing event in the world and attracts amateurs as well as professionals from over 20 different countries. For many keen sailors this opportunity is a once in a lifetime dream. The yachts will cross the Atlantic Ocean from one beautiful island to another.

How Many Days is the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers?

The journey will take on average 14 to 21 days to complete, and can be an exhilarating experience depending on the weather conditions. In fact, if you’re really into sailing you won’t care about the weather conditions because whether they’re pleasant and mild or crazy and challenging, that’s all part of the joy of sailing!

The race is considered to be friendly, which makes the journey far safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Yes it’s a competitive event in some ways but it’s also done in a friendly manner which makes it even more fun for everyone. Every yacht that takes part in the race must have full safety equipment, including VHF radio and a life raft.

This race has a distinctive feel which combines cruisers with competitive racers of all ages and backgrounds. There is a party mood throughout the event and the entertainment before and after the race is fantastic.

The Tourist Authority in Gran Canaria supports the ARC, and there are many exciting events and parties whilst the yachts are in the harbor. Do a little research beforehand to find out what’s on and then you will be able to plan your time accordingly.

Yacht Specifications for the ARC

around the world rallyThere are several different specifications regarding the style of yacht that can be used for the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, and these are extremely important.

The yacht must have a minimum length of 27 feet, and must not be any longer than 85 feet.

The race is considered to be non-competitive but there are categories for the competitive side of the race.

The events which are planned in both Las Palmas and Rodney Bay ensure that everyone is involved, regardless of their connection to the yachting world.

The beginning of the race is considered to be really symbolic, and can be the beginning of a new life for many.

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The racers will make friends for life, swap stories and discuss different techniques and ideas regarding the race.

The family boats are always moored together in Las Palmas, ensuring bonds between the kids are created before they set sail. Regardless of why the racers have decided to embark on this wonderful race, the feeling among everyone is truly humbling.