Tiny Cell Phones

tiny-cell-phoneAlthough the first cell phones were the size of a house brick, they have rapidly come down in size! Today you can choose from various sizes and styles including surprisingly tiny cell phones.

There is something for every taste and if you have been shopping recently you might have been baffled by the sheer amount of choice there is nowadays.

Does Size Matter Then?

They say size doesn’t matter, but it does when you are talking about a phone! Tiny cell phones have great appeal because you can carry them around easily and bulky cell phones are a thing of the past.

Perhaps you fancy a razor-thin cell you can slip into your back pocket or something tiny that you can keep in a wrist-purse while dancing. The sky is the limit pretty much and you can pick all kinds of colors too. Who wants a great big bulky phone when a smaller model, in fact a tiny one, can do everything the bigger one can.

OK so  you might have to give up some features like a screen big enough to play Angry Birds on, but if you just want a cell phone you can use in case you want to SMS or call someone, and you can slip it into your jeans pocket easily, or a tiny purse, these are certainly a great investment.

Tiny Cell Phones: Desirable Features

tiny-pink-phoneThe smallest cell in the world is not going to have the same functionality as a full-size smartphone of course, so you can forget Wi-Fi and gaming with most of these, although some might surprise you.

Pick out something diminutive but not too tiny and you can get a little slide-out keyboard or other options. Mine is only a couple inches long as has a dual SIM-card slot! How’s that for functionality?

Tiny Pink Cell Phone, on Amazon

My Tiny Cell Phones Experience

my-pink-cellphoneI bought a tiny pink cell and I guess I have mixed feelings about it, mostly good but there are a few things I would like to share.

The reason I ordered such a small one is my old phone, a BlackBerry, has lasted faithfully for about 7 years now but it is coming to the end of its life. The keys are sticky and sometimes don’t work at all and it is big and bulky.

I don’t make many calls but I like to have a mobile with me for emergencies and I send the occasional SMS. I have an iPad so I don’t use the internet on the cell (I work from home and use it there).

Anyway I wanted something cute and also something I could slip into a pocket or put in a small purse if I am going out for the evening, so a little cell seemed a good idea. I am organized so I knew I wouldn’t lose it!

What I Love about Tiny Cell Phones

very-small-phoneI love the size. I love the fact people stop me when I am using it and say “oh my god that is so tiny, so cute, I love it!” and I love the fact it fits into any pocket or any purse.

I love the functionality and my voice is just as clear on this cell than on the BlackBerry.

The battery life is fine and everything else is good too. It takes 2 SIM cards (although I only have the one so I just use one) and has a full color screen. What’s not to like?

Tiny White Cell Phone, on Amazon

What’s Not So Good

Well, as I expected, sending an SMS is fiddly. I don’t have especially huge or small fingertips, just regular size, but using such a small keypad is a bit tricky so I usually call rather than SMS. Nothing else bothers me about the phone, just that really.