Wall Art Trends to Watch Out For

New Wall Art Trends for 2023

Wall art trends are always evolving. Art improves health and wellbeing among human beings, affecting our cognitive and emotional states and having the ability to promote health and wellbeing, as reported in a review published in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology”.

For this reason, those with a fondness for design place great importance on the art that hangs in their home – both detailed pieces and larger works. Wall art can completely transform the look of your home.

Imagine a beautiful camel-hued Chesterfield sofa, placed against a bare white wall. Now imagine this wall painted a light olive and bearing six symmetrical frames, each bearing a colored, vintage image of a native tree.

If you love the transformative effect that wall art has, and you are thinking of rejigging your interior design, the following trending styles may provide the inspiration you are seeking.

Layered Frames

This trend is inspired by museums, where frames can be so close that they nearly overlap. It takes things further, by laying each frame slightly over the other. The key to acing the look is to vary the nail length, so that some frames are pressed to the wall and others jut out slightly.

For your frame style, you can use ornate baroque or minimalistic aluminum frames. If you opt for a simple style, you still embrace color by using colored aluminum frames alongside classic black, silver or white ones.

Tile Art

It is amazing to think of what six to eight art tile squares, strategically placed next to each other on a statement wall, can achieve. Companies that specialize in tile art are enticing art lovers with collections of similarly hued tiles bearing different patterns.

The tiles have a hole on the back, so they can be securely hung on walls. High-end manufacturers offer buyers the chance to create bespoke designs, thus upping the appeal to highly discerning buyers.

Traditional Textiles

Tapestries and fabric-based wall hangings are back with a vengeance, so if you have an antique piece you have been storing away, it’s time to pull it out! Fabrics add warmth and coziness to spaces such as bedrooms and patios.

Currently, popular styles include traditional patchwork designs, Flemish-style tapestry, and designs featuring events from classic literature (think the Iliad or the Odyssey).

Abstract Art

Whether 70s abstract art or abstract impressionism is your thing, you will undoubtedly hit the mark if you decide on an abstract piece for your living room or dining area.

Natural wood and fabrics still rule interiors thanks to the biophilic design craze, but walls are another story altogether. Here, it’s all about celebrating bold, unique colors that are more the product of the artist’s dreaming than the result of a contemplation of nature.

New Wall Art Trends: Conclusion

Art has, and has always had, a huge impact on human mood and can bring feelings of happiness among other emotions. Wall art is still one of the most popular ways to display beautiful pieces.

If you enjoy changing your seasonal décor and being en vogue, just a few trends to take notice of are layered frames, tile art, traditional textiles, and vivid abstract art to maximize the beauty of your home as well as to reflect your own personal style and taste.