A Closer Look at Easy Wonton Recipe Ideas

Deep Fried Wontons

Easy wonton recipe ideas are vital for every keen cook who wants to learn more about Chinese cooking. Making your own wontons is a great idea if you want to make something simple yet tasty, using easy-to-find ingredients and common cooking methods.

A lot of wonton recipes freeze well too, so you might wish to make a batch of wontons and freeze them for a future wonton soup recipe or fried wonton recipe. If you are feeding a crowd, you might like to offer them a platter of steaming hot crispy wontons, as well as a bowl of chili dipping sauce, or you could make dessert wontons to thrill your kids. There are easy wonton recipes for everybody.

Easy Wonton Recipe Ideas: The Simplicity of an Easy Recipe

Easy wonton recipe ideas might sound like something for an experienced cook, but they are actually a lot simpler than you might have thought. Consider the most easy wonton recipe for example. This means you would put a teaspoon of your filling (perhaps something readymade like ground chicken, cream cheese or even applesauce) on to each wonton wrapper, seal them and fry them for a couple of minutes.

If you want to make wonton soup, then the procedure is similar but you would seal the wontons around your filling, then drop them into simmering liquid for four minutes or until they float to the top. That is how straightforward it is to make easy wonton recipes.

The filling for your wontons can be something traditional like ground pork and shrimp with Chinese rice wine, minced onion and more, or it can be a combination of just one, two or three ingredients. It depends what result you want, and how much complexity of flavor you wish your wontons to have.

If you are new to making wontons then you might prefer to keep things simple until you have mastered wonton-making, then you can experiment with other kinds of wontons when you are ready. Wontons make a great snack or meal, and there are literally hundreds of fillings you can use when making an easy wonton recipe.

How to Serve Wontons

Crunchy fried wontons can be served alone, or you might wish to serve a dipping sauce with them. It can be nice to contrast the dipping sauce with the wontons, so if you are serving cream cheese wontons you might want to serve a chili dip. If you are serving spicy chicken wontons, a cooling creamy dip might work better.

Experiment with different types of wontons and different dipping sauces to work out what you love the most. You can also offer a selection of dipping sauces if you are frying wontons for a crowd, since different people will prefer different dips.

Easy Wonton Recipe Ideas: Wonton Soup

Wonton soup is served in bowls, of course, because it is liquid apart from the wontons. You might like to invest in some decorative Chinese soup bowls with Chinese soup spoons, just to give your easy wonton soup recipe more authenticity, or you can just use your usual soup bowls and soup spoons for eating wonton soup.

Wontons for a Crowd

Whenever you are making wontons for a crowd, perhaps for a buffet table, then you can serve them hot, warm or chilled on a large platter. Wontons do not stay hot for long so bear this in mind if people are not eating right away. You can always fry your wontons to crispy perfection and then serve them chilled or at room temperature. Some wonton fillings are better served hot and others are fine served hot or cold.

If you are serving cheese wontons, for example, the cheese will be molten when they are hot and then set again as they cool down. Do not serve wontons piping hot, else people might not realize they are so hot inside and burn their mouths, so let them cool for ten minutes or so beforehand. Now you know how to make wontons and come up with easy wonton recipe ideas.