Amethyst Engagement Rings | 10 of the Most Beautiful

amethyst engagement ring diamond halo

Amethyst is a beautiful stone and a great choice for an engagement ring. I’ve found 10 stunning amethyst engagement rings which you are free to drool over! Not everyone wants a classic diamond solitaire. Some women prefer something more unique, which resonates with their personality more than a classic diamond. However, before we dive into the beautiful amethyst rings, if you love nothing more than a good diamond, and want to know where to get the best of the best, check here for detailed information on many online retailers and feedback on Brilliant Earth’s jewelry.

If you find amethyst magical, mystical or just beautiful consider amethyst engagement ring ideas and see which style resonates with what you personally love. Amethyst is usually a purple color but you can also get a green variety which is even more unusual.

You can pair amethyst with white, yellow or rose gold, or even silver or another metal if you prefer that, choose from an amethyst solitaire or something else.

Many other semi-precious and precious gems pair nicely with amethyst and you can find all kinds of settings. There is literally something for everybody when it comes to amethyst engagement rings.

Why Amethyst is So Popular

Being drawn to amethyst is something a lot of us can appreciate, because this gorgeous purple stone is so beautiful. Choose an amethyst engagement ring and let this wonderful piece take pride of place on your finger. Are you shopping for your potential fiancĂ©e? She can’t fail to be flattered and pleased with this exquisite choice.

Beautiful Round Amethyst Gemstone Set in White Gold

PEORA Amethyst Solstice Ring for Women 925 Sterling Silver, Natural Gemstone Birthstone, 0.50 Carat Round Shape, Comfort Fit, Sizes 5 to 9

First of all, take a look at this beautiful ring. I like so many of them but this is the one I keep coming back to. The gorgeous amethyst is delicately hand-cut and it’s rich purple color looks very regal. The cubic zirconia stones surrounding the main gemstone in this amethyst engagement ring and really sets it off.

Rose Gold Amethyst and Diamond Engagement Ring

Solid 10k Rose Gold Diamond and Amethyst Solitaire Engagement RingWhether you like rose gold, yellow gold or white gold amethyst engagement rings, this amethyst looks beautiful in any of them. You can choose any of those metals, but the rose gold is popular because it has a nice warmth to it. Along the 10 karat rose gold and 6.7mm amethyst, this ring has 5 natural round-cut diamonds on each shoulder.

Propose to the woman you love with this gorgeous rose gold amethyst and diamond engagement ring and she will be delighted to let this beauty grace her fourth finger. The diamonds along each shoulder number 5 per side and add a classic touch to this exquisite amethyst engagement ring. These are real diamonds too so you can expect a gorgeous sparkle with every movement of the finger.

Heart-Shaped Amethyst Engagement Ring

Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver Purple Amethyst Women Ring (1.23 Cttw, Heart Shape 6MM, Gemstone Birthstone, Available In Size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)Express your love with a heart-shaped amethyst engagement ring. This is such a special choice. The heart-shaped amethyst is surrounded by gorgeous diamonds for ultimate bling and sparkle. How can you go wrong with a beautiful heart-shaped stone? This particular model of ring is the perfect way of giving her your heart, because the heart design speaks volumes, making it a romantic choice for a romantic couple.

Cushion Cut White Gold or Yellow Gold Amethyst Ring

Cushion Cut Gemstone Three Stone Ring for Women in 10k White or Yellow Gold with Created White Sapphire Accents and Birthstone Size 5 to 9 by MAX + STONE

With a cushion cut white gold amethyst ring the eye is immediately drawn to the stunning stone. This sophisticated and elegant ring boasts a natural amethyst and a diamond on each side of the main stone. The stones are set in 10 karat white gold or, if you prefer, yellow gold. This ring would look beautiful worn on its own or on top of a white gold wedding band. This ring isn’t just available in amethyst either. You can choose another of the 10 different gemstone options, and each one can be set in either white or yellow gold.

Ross-Simons 5.5 Carat Amethyst and .40 Carat Tanzanite Ring in Sterling Silver

Ross-Simons 5.50 Carat Amethyst and .40 ct. t.w. Tanzanite Ring in Sterling Silver

You might be drawn to this stunning ring if you like statement pieces. This one makes a huge statement and it’s truly gorgeous. A lovely combination of amethyst and tanzanite gives this ring a majestic look and makes it fit for a queen (fit for your queen perhaps!)

Unusual Green Amethyst Engagement Ring

Certified Natural Green Amethyst Ring, 14k Gold Plated Anniversary Ring, Birthday Ring, Gifted Item for Love

Did you know amethysts come in green as well as purple? Even though green ones are rarer, they are equally beautiful. The green is so light and delicate it makes a really stunning piece. Yes you can get amethyst engagement rings in green too! Green amethyst is commonly known as prasiolite, which might be why you haven’t heard of it before (or maybe you have!) This simple yet stylish green amethyst ring is certainly an unusual choice. Oh, and if you love this one, you might also like mystic topaz. which reflects all kinds of colors.

Ross-Simons 9.50 Carat Amethyst and .88 ct. Diamond Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold

Pairing the classic and contemporary with the romantic and timelessly stylish, it’s fair to say that this stunning amethyst ring is a real eye-catcher. The gorgeous 9.5 carat center stone is framed with almost a full carat total weight of diamonds, drawing the eye to the center jewel. Anyone who loves amethyst is sure to adore this wonderful piece of jewelry. You might not have the budget for a diamond this size but if she loves amethysts this ring is perfect!

Unusual Raw Amethyst Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for something unusual but you have your heart set on amethyst, consider raw rather than polished amethyst. This one is a great piece of jewelry to choose – it’s so eye-catching! The gemstone is secured in place with smooth wire and this ring, which you can also get in citrine, fluorine or white quartz, is especially sought after because no two are the same. That’s because each one is made with a unique piece of raw amethyst, so each one has its own special shape and exact color. If you want something as unique as she is, this is a nice choice.

Classic Amethyst Halo Ring

Gem Stone King 10K White Gold Purple Amethyst and Accent Diamonds Engagement Ring For Women (2.05 Cttw, Cushion Cut 8MM, Gemstone Birthstone, Available In Size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)With engagement rings, many people opt for a classic choice. Now that doesn’t always mean a diamond solitaire. These days there is more choice than ever when it comes to not only stones but settings and styles. This classic amethyst halo ring is truly stylish. Classic and timeless too.

The elegant ring, which is sophisticated and beautiful for any finger, is made in 10 karat white gold. The amethyst is a a cushion shape, and there is a total of 36 beautiful diamonds to showcase and frame the stunning amethyst. The diamonds are natural and untreated. The amethyst is also natural – not true of all amethyst engagement rings. This ring is so pretty and full of sparkle. Wave it under the sunlight or artificial lights and you will be dazzled by the sparkle it offers.

Amethyst and London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

Silver City Jewelry 10K Yellow Gold Diamond Amethyst & London Blue Topaz 2-Stone Ring Oval 8x6mm, Size 10Unusual it is, beautiful it is, boring it is not! This amethyst ring pairs the gorgeous amethyst stone with London blue topaz in the richest, deepest color of the ocean. It’s a stylish ring everyone will envy. 10 karat yellow gold supports a natural amethyst as well as 6 round diamonds. This amethyst and topaz engagement ring emphasizes individuality and a strong sense of style. A splash of bright color looks beautiful on any finger, as does sparkling bright yellow gold which is as durable as it is attractive.

10 Fun Facts about Amethyst

So, before you head out to Kay Jewelers or Jared Jewelry to browse engagement rings or an amethyst wedding ring, consider looking at these online options and avoid the excessive markup.

Whether you want to look at unique engagement rings where no two are the same, amethyst rose gold engagement rings or vintage engagement rings, we’ve got you covered with wedding ring sets in all styles, including cheap engagement rings that are less than $100 and some of the above are even under $15, but nobody will be able to tell because they’re so beautiful.

A purple diamond and amethyst look very much alike. If amethyst jewelry is what you’re after, take a closer look at an amethyst ring for women and consider one of these lovely purple engagement rings.