Carb Blockers – Everything You Need to Know

Dieting isn’t always easy. If it was, we would all be slim, right? The problem with a lot of diets is you have to deprive yourself of your favorite foods (you know, all those ones that taste good) and feel hungry in order to shed a pound or two, if you’re lucky. So what about carb blockers – everything you need to know about these might just convince you to give them a try but honestly, do they really work?

Reducing the intake of carbs is a popular way of lowering weight, and you can try diets such as Atkins to show you how to keep your carbs very low.

The problem with diets like this is they eliminate (at least in the interim phase) healthy carbs such as sweet potatoes and strawberries as well as the bad ones like ice cream and soda.

White rice, white pasta, processed foods, pastries and high-sugar sodas are largely responsible for obesity, at least to a degree.

Nobody ever got fat eating too many strawberries. Well, not unless they top them with mountains of ice cream anyway.

How Does a Carb Blocker Work?

When you consume carbs, your blood sugar rises, and this is what triggers insulin to be released to regulate it. A rising insulin level encourages the body to store carbs (energy) as body fat.

Carb blockers stop carbs from raising glucose levels by neutralizing an enzyme. This means your favorite high-carb food isn’t going to increase your blood sugar, which in turn means you don’t release insulin to encourage fat storage.

The best carb blockers are those with white kidney bean extract, since this is believed to block the production of glucose from carbs.

Which Carb Blocker is Best?

There are plenty on the market but Dietrine is the most popular carb blocker these days. There are no stimulants or harmful chemicals in the formulation and it is safe and effective. Do you want to lose weight while still enjoying potatoes, candy, bread, pasta and rice dishes? Then consider Dietrine.

This carb blocker is made by Pharmachem Laboratories. It is formulated with something called Phase 2 (phaseolamin 2250) formula to help curb your appetite so you don’t crave high-carb foods as much. Even if you do eat them though, the pill will block your body’s absorption of carbs, to prevent fat storage.

Dietrine can also help give you energy which is important if you want to work out more, another way to shed those pounds. Vanadium is one ingredient in Dietrine, and this ingredient can help strengthen bones and teeth, and also improve cellular metabolism.

Lose Weight with Carb Blockers

When you eat, your body converts the carbs you ate into sugar which is either burned off when you exercise or stored as body fat.

This is why you need something that can prevent this carb absorption and prevent glucose and body fat from being the results.

The white kidney bean extract in the best carb blockers neutralize alpha amylase, the body’s natural digestive enzyme, so it stops the carbs converting into glucose which then turns into fat.

The carbs then pass naturally through your body, with a very small amount being absorbed (but not enough to halt your weight loss).

Avoid carb blockers for keto or a low carb diet if you are pregnant or have a chronic disease or cardiovascular condition.

Although Dietrine is claimed to be safe to take with other drugs or herbal supplements, it might be best to ask your doctor first. This powerful, potent carb blocker is backed up with independent lab tests and has no known side effects at all. They also come with a money-back guarantee.

Your Appetite Will Decrease

Although it’s easy to get carried away and feast on all those wonderful carbs just because you aren’t allowed to, you will find your taste for carbs diminishes when you are taking this carb blocker. You just won’t feel like eating a whole tub of ice cream any more. Or having second or third helpings of mashed potatoes.

As your appetite decreases, you should notice those inches coming off. It’s quite common to lose weight but not inches in the beginning, or inches but not weight, but the best way to track what is happening is to use the tape measure to see where those inches are dropping from, or else just use your clothes as a guide, so you can see when they’re getting too loose!