Different Types of Glassware and Stemware

The word ‘glassware’ refers to tableware made from glass, including flatware, cutlery, drinkware and dishes which are set on the table before a meal. Glassware can also be used for cooking meals, such as Pyrex dishes. There are many different types¬†of glassware to choose from.

Most glasses to drink from are either flat bottomed, tumblers, footed or stemware. You can also get yard beer glasses which are tall, conical glasses for beer which have a round base.

Different Types of Glassware: Buy What You Personally Like

Different people have their own tastes in glassware so it’s good there are lots of different types of glassware to choose from. I love those heavy lead crystal tumblers for drinking whiskey (well, bourbon in my case!) and I like delicate stemware for wine.

I have some 16-ounce glasses for drinking soda or water and various smaller ones. Have you seen those stemless wine glasses? I don’t mind them for red wine, but I think holding one of those when drinking white or rose can warm it up too much (which is why they are stemmed in the first place). But they’re less easy to knock over after you’ve had a few, I suppose!

Types of Tumblers

Pilsner glass – for serving Pilsner beer
Pint glass – for serving beer or cider
Pony glass – for serving a small beer (140 ml)
Wheatbeer glass – for serving Weizenbeer (wheat beer)
Collins glass – a tall glass for serving a mixed drink
Highball glass – for mixed drinks
Iced tea glass – for serving iced tea
Juice glass – for fruit juice
Old fashioned glass – for serving a liqueur on the rocks. American old fashioned glasses are bigger than their UK counterparts
Shot glass – a small glass for serving shots
Water glass – for water
Whiskey glass – a small, thin glass for serving a shot

beautiful crystal glassTypes of Stemware Glasses

Chalice – ornate stem glass for ceremonial use
Cocktail – a wide shallow bowl on a stem for cocktails
Sherbet – a stemmed glass for serving sherbet or ice cream
Snifter – a wide bowl on a short stem for liqueur and brandy
Water – a large stemmed glass for water
Wine – a stemmed glass for wine
Champagne coupe – stem glass with a shallow, wide bowl for champagne
Champagne flute – stem glass with a narrow, tall bowl for champagne
Bordeaux or claret glass – for serving bordeaux or claret
Burgundy glass – for serving burgundy wine
Sherry glass – small glass for sherry

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Types of Glassware: Other Glassware

Pitcher – a large container with a spout
Treated Glass Dish – treated glass bowl, dish or plate for cooking