Finding Balance through the Right Exercise Regimen


Americans need to do more to get exercise into their daily routine. According to Insider magazine, 25% of Americans don’t get enough exercise, and that number hasn’t really improved over the past couple of decades. It is, admittedly, difficult to get enough exercise and also confusing to figure out the right exercise regimen for you.

The fast-paced nature of modern life means that it can be a challenge to find the right time between work, play and raising a family.

However, given the huge benefits of regular exercise, when paired with good nutrition, it’s important to carve out that space. The good news is that there’s some form of exercise for everyone, even if you’ve tried plenty and haven’t been keen on anything so far.

Hiking in the hills to find the right exercise regimen

Embracing Weightlifting

Weightlifting, and powerlifting, are relatively straightforward exercises to get into – but require practice to master. Form is king in avoiding injury, and there needs to be dedication to continue improving. Weightlifting also requires specialist equipment to be truly beneficial, and will demand at least a good quality squat rack, a set of barbells and a leg machine.

However, weightlifting for even just 30 minutes a day has measurable benefits to health, according to USA Today. Heart disease incidence rate is reduced by 46%, and cancer 28%, with the fat-burning impacts of weightlifting lasting into the next day due to the nature of its intervals. Weightlifting can be done with tight deadlines, but does require equipment or a gym membership.

Looking to Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful pastime for anyone to take on. It brings mental wellbeing, improves flexibility, and helps circulation. It’s also a potent form of exercise. According to Everyday Health, yoga workouts can fit into the low-medium exercise workout category, and contribute to good heart health and cardio resilience.

Where yoga perhaps falls down is the amount of time it takes. A really good workout is at least 30 minutes, and it needs to be practiced very regularly for benefits to be seen. Weightlifting, by contrast, demands at least a day of rest between sessions. On the other hand, with apps like Down Dog now available, all you need to get going in yoga is a soft surface or mat.


Finding the Right Exercise Regimen: Simple Pleasures

What about those individuals who don’t have the time, money, nor equipment to get going with certain forms of exercise? The most underrated form of exercise of all, walking, awaits.

Gentle exercise, such as that provided by walking and gardening, are very effective forms of exercise. Even just getting into the garden one more time every week, or walking to and from work more regularly, will have huge benefits. As CNN highlights, walking just 22 minutes a day, on average, cuts heart disease rates by 40%.

This should tell you one thing – moving around is beneficial, no matter for how long or with what intensity. A simple stroll around the block can burn calories and also lift your mood.

Moving away from a sedentary life and getting feet on the floor more often will also have a beneficial impact. That’s true physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Once you figure out the right exercise regimen for you, you should look forward to doing it – that’s how you know you’ve picked the right activity! Consider how you can get more minutes in every day – you’ll thank yourself down the line.

Article by Jennifer Alli

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