Haramaki Belly Band Review

Haramaki belly band reviews are helpful when choosing one. Haramaki is Japanese for belly wrap (hara means belly and maki means wrap). This garment can be worn over the belly for a comforting feeling and for warmth. Although this haramaki belly band garment is new to the West, they have been worn in Japan for centuries.

Haramaki Belly Band: More Details

A haramaki belly band started as something warriors would wear to cover their vital organs and then turned into a garment which keeps the stomach and kidney area warm.

They come in different sizes and colors, and you can get them for men, women, expectant mothers and kids. Choose from various colors, either patterns or simple one-color designs.

How to Wear a Haramaki Belly Band

You can wear a haramaki belly band right next to your skin or over your clothing. Some people like to sleep in them and others wear them just during the daytime.

Choose one you like online or find out how to make your own. They are usually made from stretch cotton but you can also get ones made with silk, cashmere or other luxury materials.

Why I Bought My Haramaki Belly Band

pregnancy-bandTo be honest, I hadn’t heard of these garments until a few weeks ago. I was browsing online one night because I couldn’t sleep and then I found a website all about alternative health products.

Although I wasn’t looking for anything in particular I enjoyed browsing the different products such as light therapy and aromatherapy items, magnetic treatments, oils and more.

But then I noticed the haramaki belly band and my first thought was, “wow that looks cool!” I had never seen one before but I thought it looked good and then my interest grew when I found out about the benefits.

Why I Was Attracted to the Idea

A haramaki belly band will warm your core area and they feel cozy and comforting.

When your middle gets cold your whole body gets cold and I feel the cold easily.

I lived in the Canary Islands for 11 years (mainly for the weather) and believe me I really suffer in the cold. I have arthritis which gets worst and the wintertime is quite miserable for me. So anything that makes it better is a relief.

Image Credit: Amazon – Maternity Belly Band Stretchy Nylon – Made in USA

Haramaki Belly Band: My Own Experience

I purchased a haramaki belly band online and was excited when it came. Mine is black and double thickness. It is gently ribbed so it stretches.

A haramaki belly band should sit against your skin but not be tight, nor should it be loose or saggy. If I reach up and expose my lower back I feel the chill so I love the way the garment protects this area and keeps me snug. It is also a question of modesty, when you reach up to get something off a shelf and don’t want to expose your belly to everyone.

I’ve slept in it a couple times but don’t normally bother. I did that more as a comfort thing when my fiance was overseas. I wear it most days, usually under my clothes but sometimes I have the bottom exposed since it goes over the top of my pants, and it looks discreet and stylish.

The Most Luxurious Option

angora haramaki belly bandPerhaps the nicest haramaki you can get is one made with angora, not 100% angora because that would be pretty itchy, but one that combines angora with other materials to offer something soft, stretchy, warm and durable as well.

Pull it on by stepping into it and pull it up around your waist so the top is around your belly button and the bottom is around your hips.

The snug fit will hold the belly warmer in place and you will begin to feel the lovely warming effect as soon as you put it on.

This model is suitable for non-pregnant women and it is designed to mold to the shape of your body, being snug not tight, and comforting not constrictive.

Choose from S/M (waist to 37.5 inches) or L/XL (waist to 47.5 inches). The angora content is especially good at sealing in natural body heat, and this will not only feel soothing but it can help fight everything from lumbar pain to tummy ache.

This belly warmer is 20% angora, 40% wool, 28% polyamide and 12% elastin, for the perfect balance of comfort, warmth, durability, and softness. It is machine washable as long as you choose a low temperature wash and dry it naturally.

Image Credit: Amazon – Adult Haramaki Tummy Warmer

Haramaki Belly Band Warmer for Baby

We ladies who feel the cold aren’t the only ones to benefit from the therapeutic effects of a haramaki either. They are a wonderful investment for babies. No oharamaki belly band for babynly do they offer a feeling of calm and warmth, but they are good medically as well.

The baby belly warmer is well recommended by mothers of fussy babies, or babies who just won’t seem to settle for whatever reason.

These little haramakis are filled with 100% natural herbs and offer fast relief from tummy ache or gas pain. Each one is good for up to 40 uses and you can also get refills to top them up. Choose from blue, green or pink, as you prefer.

The ‘Happy Tummi’ haramaki belly band offers relief for little ones with tummy ache or colic, and you get the waistband which is nice and soft, plus a herbal pouch with a flax, spearmint, lemongrass, lavender, chamomile, wheat and peppermint filling.

Heat the pouch for 15 to 20 seconds and the herbs will be activated to release a lovely, comforting aroma, which works quickly on stomach-related ailments.

You can adjust the waistband using the Velcro straps, and it feels very soft to your baby, and is easy to clean as well.

So if your baby is having tummy issues or you think he or she would appreciate a nice snuggly warming layer around the middle, consider the haramaki, a wonderful garment which brings feelings of comfort and happiness to anyone of any age, regardless whether you have a stomach ailment or simple fancy a warm, comforting ‘cuddle’ around the middle.

Image Credit: Amazon – Soothing Baby Belly Warmer

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