iPhone Airbags – Fact or Fallacy?

Have you heard about these useful little things which attach to the cell and open out in the case of a fall? Although iPhone airbags are still a concept rather than a reality, if these can be concealed and not add bulk to the handset this could well become a reality soon.

One drop on a hard floor can crack your screen or break it altogether, so this concept might not be as far-out as it sounds when you consider it like that. Now are iPhone airbags making a little more sense?

This continues to be one of the most popular cells on the market, and with the latest apps and accessories, it is no surprise that it remains one of the market leaders.

There are a number of quirky accessories that you can download but some may be a step too far. Whether you want mini windshield wipers or something else, anything is possible these days and new additions are being launched all the time, both the useful and handy, and the futuristic and bizarre. Whereabouts on that scale do you think iPhone airbags fall?

Why You Need These on Your Handset

iphone-airbagThe screen is quite delicate, which is why air bags are being created to help protect the screen from breakages.

Every time you drop your device, you will need to have it repaired, which can end up costing you a fortune.

Sometimes the drop is irreparable, which is always a disaster but happens so fast. Therefore this new iPhone airbags concept may not be as unusual as you may think.

Photo Credit: PC Mag

Amazing New Technology in Action

Amazon have begun to create a device that will help to protect the screen from bumps and drops, and with the patent approval being sought, it appears that this accessory is going ahead. Using the in-built gyroscope, accelerometers and camera, the system will detect if the handset has been dropped. Once these are detected the little balloons will be released.

iPhone Airbags: Is It Time to be Excited?

If you are like thousands of people that regularly drop their gadgets, you may be excited about the prospect of these appearing on your cell. Many experts feel that the proposals are unrealistic and impractical to produce though.

The need for a bulky case will be removed, but the overall device will need to be larger to hide the air bags. So you have to make the choice and decide whether you can live with a little extra bulk on there in return for the new safety offered.

iPhone Airbags: Apple Fans Wait Patiently

Regardless of whether you expect iPhone airbags to become a reality, you are guaranteed a number of other exciting accessories. It is often surprising which ones become a reality and you never know what is likely to appear next. Until this product is launched though, you will need to continue being careful, or purchase an extremely good case to offer the best protection.

Tips for Handset Care

Not dropping your cell is obviously something you ought to strive for, but consider a case or cover and you can be sure of guarding it well, and even if you drop it it is far less likely to break.

Something else you should do is keep your handset dry because moisture might negatively affect it. OK mine went through a wash once but I put it in dry rice overnight to soak up the liquid and it still works like new. Strange but true!

Avoid very cold and very hot temperatures too, if you want to take the very best care of your device. These cells are able to withstand a fair amount of rough-housing but it still pays to protect them.