Best Beer Brewing Systems

Brewing systems come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose whatever of the best beer brewing systems is best for you. This device will allow you to make your own beer or other drinks at home without having to lift heavy brew kettles.

You can choose from beer, wine, cider, mead, and other drinks using the process of fermentation. You can make non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks with these systems.

It’s Legal, Right?

Well, the legality of home brewing does vary from place to place, although it has been done in various places all over the globe for over 7,000 years.

If you fancy making your own beer, why not have a look at some of the best beer brewing systems for sale on places like Amazon or eBay? Making your own drinks from scratch is fun and your friends will be sure to visit you to test out your delicious homemade produce.

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Beer Kit

beer-brewing-kitMake beer in the comfort of your own home with this top-rated set. The love of your life is going to love this! Receiving plenty of high ratings on Amazon, this kit is ideal for any beer lover and one of the best beer brewing systems to choose.

You get a 2 gallon fermenting keg, 8 bottles with labels and screw caps, instructions and 2 types of beer. In fact, you will have everything you need to brew some great beer, even if you’ve never tried anything like this before. Making your own drinks is a lot of fun!

Mr Beer Kit, on Amazon

Best Beer Brewing Systems: Making Beer at Home

Home brewing can be cheaper than purchasing beverages and it also means you can prepare your recipes according to your taste. Share your delicious home-brewed drinks with friends or family, or enter ‘craft brewing’ contests.

The best-selling kits come in various types and a homebrew store might package various items together to make their own kits.

All-Grain Kits

oktoberfest-brew-kitAll-grain sets do not usually come with such in-depth instructions as other types, so these are for people who are familiar with the process already. Once you are used to preparing the beverages, you can design your own recipes instead of buying the best beer brewing systems and kits.

An all-grain kit will come with hops and grain, and perhaps also yeast. You will also get full instructions. Malt extract comes with some kits, instead of grain, and this gives the beer a different character.

Oktoberfest Beer Brewing Kit, on Amazon

Pre-Hopped Malt Extract Kits

A kit with pre-hopped malt extract simplifies the whole process because you do not have to boil the mixture or add various hops at different times. It is up to you which type to go for, although a complete beginner might wish to begin with a pre-hopped malt kit or an all-grain kit.

Different Types of Beer

Beer is recorded as being the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world and dates back to the Egyptian times. There are many different types of beer, and it remains the favorite beverage for many people searching for a refreshing drink.

Over the years there have been several different types of this drink brewed, resulting in a vast array of choice. There is plenty of choice with the best beer brewing systems and something for everyone.

Beer Styles – What is There for You to Enjoy?

There are several different factors that can affect the style of beer that you prefer to drink, including the aroma, color and flavor. Different countries have invented their own distinctive brews, and beer enthusiasts enjoy sampling the vast choice on offer.

There are two distinct styles, which include ales and lagers.

What is Ale?

Ales use top fermenting yeast, which helps to develop into a stronger, darker, fuller beer that traditionally older generations enjoy. The ale is fermented at a far higher temperature and takes less time to produce.

Often ales are considered to have a distinctive nutty or fruity flavor, which makes them popular to drink throughout the winter months.

Dark Beers

There are several different types which are darker, and fuller in flavor, and these can be served at room temperature. These include Porter, which is an extremely dark beer that comprises 3 different ales mixed together. The distinctive, full aroma and rich body are created by roasting malt barley.

How About Stout?

Stout is another dark popular beer, which derives from porter, and is often black in color. The world famous Irish stout, Guinness, is incredibly popular, and people love the full flavor that it offers. The deep, dark beverage is topped with a creamy head and is served everywhere throughout Ireland. Consider making your own stout with the best beer brewing systems.

Best Beer Brewing Systems: Love Lager?

Lagers are brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast and are lighter than other varieties. The cooler temperatures that are used during the fermentation process will cause the larger to take longer to produce.

The flavor and color of this one is lighter, and more refreshing than ale and is often enjoyed in the summer months.

The fresh, crisp flavor of the lager is often considered to be its strongest point and is why thousands of people every year enjoy a glass of lager. The alcohol content does vary with this one, and there are low- and non-alcoholic varieties available.

Lager must be served cold to achieve the full potential and the best flavor.

Whether you happen to prefer lager, ales or stout, beer is here to stay as tastes remain the same and as the popularity continues to grow.