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Low Fat Turkey Kabobs
Low Calorie Turkey

Low Fat Turkey Kabobs

This low fat turkey kabobs recipe is idea for a cookout, snack or even appetizer. The flavors are delicious without being too bold. The turkey is marinated in a mixture of pineapple, mustard, garlic, teriyaki, lemon, and perhaps a splash of sherry too, and these flavors are really good but they do not overpower the …

Oven Baked Turkey Burger with Feta Filling

Oven Baked Turkey Burgers with Feta

Making a change from your usual burgers perhaps, these boast the lighter flavor of turkey. We are adding lemon and oregano for flavor, and stuffing the oven baked turkey burgers with feta cheese for a wonderful tang. The mint-cucumber dressing with these oven baked turkey burgers adds a Mediterranean touch, and you just need to …