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plum sauce with fresh plums

Plum Sauce with Fresh Plums

If you love Asian food then this plum sauce with fresh plums is one you need to master to fully enjoy it. Plum sauce, like many Asian sauces, is both sweet and spicy and has an incredible taste it imparts into food. Plum sauce is mainly used as a dipping sauce traditionally, but feel free …

chanterelle baby bella mushroom sauce
Sauces Vegetables

Chanterelle Baby Bella Mushroom Sauce

The following chanterelle baby bella mushroom sauce will make an excellent partner to many vegetarian dishes but it is not just limited to dishes without meat. It would be an excellent pairing with beef, pork or even veal. The possibilities are endless and this sauce has a level of sophistication not found in many plain …

Chicken Sauces

20 of the Best Chicken Marinade Recipes

Chicken Marinade Recipes to Get You Started Chicken marinade recipes can really liven up your chicken. Marinating beginners might want to focus on making easy chicken marinades first, before tackling the more complex ones. Just because you are making simple chicken marinades doesn’t mean they necessarily have to be 2 or 3 ingredient recipes. Some …

Best Red Wine Jus Recipe

Best Red Wine Jus Recipe for Beef or Lamb | Red Wine Gravy

A good red wine just recipe can really complement your roast beef or lamb. If you are looking for a red wine shallot au jus recipe the following is especially good. It is a little time consuming to prepare and you need some expensive ingredients to make it, but this red wine jus really hits …