Round Bath Tubs

Round bath tubs have always been seen as luxurious, and only for large homes or hotel rooms. In fact, a lot of people have never even climbed into such a bath.

However, this style is becoming more popular than ever before and is now considered a standard tub to own.

You can buy round bath tubs in many places that sell regular rectangular type ones, so it is just down to personal preference and of course the amount of space you happen to have in your bathroom. It goes without saying that a round one is not going to fit in a square corner.

You will need to consider several different factors before purchasing your new bathroom fixture, to ensure that it is the perfect match for your needs.

Every bathroom is different, and not just in terms of the size but also the overall style. If you have a smaller bathroom you might be interested in one of the sitting style tubs which allow you to sit rather than lie down, and will allow you to be neck-deep in lovely warm water, or maybe a larger one is better for you, something you can put jacuzzi jets into…. ah bliss!

Round Bath Tubs: The Benefits

They Look Great and Work Efficiently

Many people have used round bath tubs in a hotel room, and have enjoyed the fact that it is deeper, offering a far more relaxing experience. You will need to ensure that you have enough space in your bathroom to comfortably accommodate such a shape though.

The bath tends to be smaller than a conventional size tub but it does require room surrounding the outer edge. This style is far more space-efficient and can be the ideal solution for small bathrooms.

If you live in a house where space is at a premium, you may find that round bath tubs are the only option you have, which is a great reason to shop for one.

Round Bath Tubs: Stylish Designs

round-bath-tubOne of the leading factors why this style is being chosen is the sleek, modern design, which will make your bathroom feel stylish.

Traditional tubs look great but if you want to create the wow factor, you might need round bath tubs instead. The design will make it far more visually appealing regardless of what color, size or style you are going for.

The design can also be found in several different materials, which makes it ideal for people with all levels of budget.

Regardless of how much you have to spend, you will find one you can afford.
So create a stylish bathroom for very little money and ensure that your friends and family are envious. Round tubs are so gorgeous and will fit into even the smallest bathroom, especially if you pick one of the sitting tubs (pictured) rather than a shallower, wider shape.

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Energy Efficient and Ideal for Soaking

Traditional baths allow the water to get colder quicker, as the heat escapes from the surface. However, due to the fact that round bath tubs are smaller, they will remain hotter for longer, and you will need to use less hot water. This will ensure that you are not using all of your home’s water whenever you have a bath.

Bathing should be a relaxing past time but many people find that traditional tubs are too shallow. This can lead to an uncomfortable experience. With the round bath tubs though, you can be far more submerged and enjoy luxuriating in the tub for longer. With so many exciting reasons to choose this style, it is no surprise that they are becoming far more popular.