Hate Paying a Lot for Jewelry? Here’s How to Get More Bang for Your Buck!

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Save Money on Jewelry

Jewelry tends to be a somewhat controversial subject at times, and it’s mainly due to the fact that two seemingly identical pieces of jewelry can cost wildly different amounts! It’s no different from clothing and fashion, although you can save money on jewelry if you know how.

Some pieces just look more expensive, and other things are just more expensive than they look. This is kind of normal in the world of fashion, and jewelry (whether we like it or not) does fall under this umbrella.

But what if we told you that there are ways to get more bang for your buck? What if we could introduce a practical mindset that will help you look at jewelry in an entirely different way? Buckle up, because we’re going to show all the jewelry enthusiasts how to save money for the rest of their lives!

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Wearing for Status vs Wearing for Fashion

There are two main reasons why you wear jewelry:

First, for status. A lot of people wear jewelry because it means something to them. It could be a wedding ring, engagement ring or a piece of jewelry that’s been passed down from previous generations. Alternatively, you could be wearing fancy jewelry just to show off.

Maybe you’re going to an elegant ball for the first time and you want to impress the other guests, or it could be that you’re meeting up with friends soon and want a special piece to help you stand out. This is wearing for status.

The other reason is wearing for fashion. A lot of us enjoy wearing jewelry simply because it’s on trend. People might want something unusual or flashy to go with a rather simple outfit, or maybe just enjoy having something glitzy on their neck.

These are all valid reasons for wearing jewelry, but they can come at very different price points, depending what you purchase and where from.

If you’re wearing it for status, then the story behind the jewelry is important. Perhaps it’s a sentimental piece from a family member, or maybe a diamond represents something extra special in your life. For these kinds of jewelry, you’ll want to go to premier jewelry stores near you that are trustworthy. Don’t be afraid to spend a pretty penny here because it’s jewelry that will stick with you basically forever.

But if you’re wearing for fashion, you don’t have to stick with those rules. When picking jewelry for an outfit, you don’t really care about the history of a gemstone or even that it’s a real gem. What you’re looking at is the overall appearance, texture and color and that’s about it. It could be a fake diamond for all you know and it doesn’t matter because it’s being worn for very different reasons.

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Top Tips for Saving Money on Jewelry

Okay, so how exactly do we save money on jewelry? Here are some great simplified tips:

  • Get ready to spend more if you’re wearing jewelry for the status. But if you’re wearing it to complement an outfit, don’t be afraid to go cheap! Remember, you’re wearing it for the color and texture and if it looks great a lower price doesn’t matter.
  • Shop around various places. Buy local if possible, but don’t hesitate to buy online if there’s more choice.
  • Visit auctions if you’re buying something special. Auctions have the biggest range of unique jewelry pieces!
  • Contrary to popular belief, jewelry stores (both online and offline) do have sales! Waiting for a sale period is a perfectly fine idea.

Once you know how to save money on jewelry, you’ll be able to purchase more pieces. Most people have some jewelry for fashion and to perk up an outfit and then other pieces which are either passed down the family or received as a gift for special reasons. Saving money on jewelry is well worth knowing about, so you can add the most beautiful bling to your own unique look.

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