The Best Creative Wonton Ideas

Wonton Ideas

So you have made beef wontons, cheese wontons, seafood wontons, dessert wontons, several types of wonton soup and dumplings. Now what? There are plenty more ideas for wontons that you can consider. How about a filling of minced caramelized walnuts with toasted sesame seeds, or jelly and peanut butter? Those would be quirky yet delicious creative wonton ideas which would work beautifully.

Fresh cottage cheese with smoked paprika would work, as would an Indian style wonton made with potatoes, peas, biryani spices, ginger and cumin. Dip these spicy wontons in a cool yogurt sauce.

Chinese sausage meat could work, or make buffalo chicken purses with chicken, cream cheese, onion, hot sauce and bacon. Collard greens with vinegar and chopped pork loin wontons would be mouthwatering with a mustard dipping sauce, or you could try sautéed shiitake mushrooms with some garlic and cream. How are these creative wonton ideas sounding so far?

Add some chopped water chestnuts for a nice crunch and steam the wontons until they are done. Apple and cinnamon would be tasty if you want sweet ones, or even canned pie filling. Pan-fry these and sprinkle powdered sugar over them before serving.

More Wonton Filling Ideas

Mashed banana with Nutella, Italian sausage with apple, lentils with cumin, or cream cheese, bacon and chives would all work if you want new creative wonton ideas.

Try butternut squash puree, ricotta, nutmeg and sage, adding a little garlic and shallot too if you like. Shredded vegetables with peanuts is yummy, and sautéed Swiss chard with ground Italian sausage and ricotta would be nice, especially served with a marinara sauce.

Try fruit and cheese. You could use apples, pears, peaches, or another kind of fruit like berries, along with your favorite grated, shredded or cream cheese. Any combination is possible and mixing fruit with cheese always gives breathtaking results. Try blue cheese with black grapes, or raspberries with goat cheese.

Another of our creative wonton ideas is to combine chicken meat with jalapenos, black beans and Monterrey Jack cheese. Deep-fry these wontons and serve them with rice, beans and a dollop of salsa on the side. They could be a kind of fusion Mexican egg roll. How fun is that!

Time to Get Creative

Hopefully some of these creative wonton ideas have inspired you and shown you just how simple it is to think up your own wonton ideas and wonton fillings. When you think that a wonton wrapper is mainly flour and water and has no real flavor of its own, then you can use pretty much anything to fill it.

The filling should not be too dry or too runny. It should be slightly moist and sticky. The filling should also be minced or ground into little pieces. Avoid using coarsely chopped or whole ingredients. Everything should be pureed so it makes a nice compact filling with no big lumps.