The Evolution of Starter Recipes

It’s interesting to learn about the evolution of starter recipes. Starters, or appetizers as they are also known, are served in most cuisines and cultures. These snacks were served in ancient Persia thousands of years ago and ancient Roman aristocracy used to enjoy eggs, fruit and similar treats before eating their main course.

Appetizers have been served for many years in the UK as a snack before the main course arrived but modern ones can be quite different from old fashioned ones.

Of course, you can still serve traditional recipes but it is also fun to experiment with the wide range of ingredients that are available today but that our grandmothers wouldn’t have had access to.

Evolution of Starter Recipes: Easy Finger Food

Recipes for finger food are very useful, especially if you are having a buffet or a cocktail party and people are going to be eating on the move. Unless people are able to sit down, finger food is necessary. Juggling plates, cutlery, cigarettes, purses and drinks is not much fun and serving good finger food simplifies this process.

There are all kinds of canapé recipes and similar finger food starters you can make. The classics like sausage rolls, cheese on sticks and mini quiches will never go out of vogue either.

Stuffed Foods

If you want to make easy starters which look good and taste delicious, what about making stuffed eggs, stuffed zucchini slices, stuffed tomatoes or stuffed mushrooms? You can make this type of thing in bulk, as long as you’re organized. Stuff meat or fish, as well as vegetables. When looking at the evolution of starter recipes, it’s also interesting to see how trends have changed and what is popular now and what is retro in a fun way.

A lot of stuffed items are make-ahead-friendly so you can make them in the morning, cover them in cling film and serve them in the evening or whenever the party starts. Deviled eggs are a classic British dish and stuffed tomatoes are colorful and delicious.

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